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Financial Aid

Special Circumstances Appeal Information

During the academic year, you and your family may experience a change in your financial situation, or you and your family may have unusual circumstances that have resulted in a reduction of your or your family's income that is considerably less than what was reported on the FAFSA.

Students and families who experience a loss in income, may qualify for additional federal student assistance. When completing the FAFSA, a student reports income information from two years prior. If you have had a loss in income and previously did not qualify for a Federal Pell Grant, you may be eligible for additional funds based on an income adjustment. Possible circumstances may include unemployment, death of a wage-earner (parent, if dependent; spouse, if independent), divorce, loss of untaxed income (such as child support). A review of your circumstance will require income and substantiating support documentation for the circumstance.

Each family's situation is unique and is reviewed on a case by case basis. Submission of an appeal does not guarantee approval. Families should consider alternative payment arrangements while waiting for the outcome of an appeal.

Each student will experience a different hardship so we encourage you to reach out to financial aid and speak to a counselor so we can determine whether or not you qualify to file an appeal. You may send an email to to explain your change in income in detail or feel free to stop by office or ZOOM to speak to a counselor. Our ZOOM office hours are located on our website:

The deadline to submit an appeal for FALL 2022 is November 11, 2022