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Financial Aid

Director's Message

Hello, my name is Sandra Higgins, the Director of Financial Aid.

The financial aid staff and I are delighted that you have chosen City Tech to pursue your career goals. We have a diversified curriculum that provides both four and two-year degree programs. I am a CUNY graduate myself and am deeply honored to have the opportunity to provide you with the support and encouragement that will help you achieve your educational aspirations while attending City Tech.

Please visit our Web site or come to the financial aid office for all financial aid information. Remember that financial aid application filing is an annual process. File your financial aid applications early, starting in October for the upcoming academic year. Always apply early and follow up. We have staff available to help you, so come by our office for assistance and guidance. We cannot achieve success without you!

This website will help you find information for obtaining financial aid from federal, state and institutional sources. This site is maintained for new and continuing students, so visit us often to keep current on financial aid announcements. We have also provided links to other websites where you might obtain information on resources to finance your education.

Applications for most programs as well as information regarding specific application procedures, eligibility requirements, methods of selecting recipients and allocating awards, and rights and responsibilities of recipients may be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.

Sandra Higgins
Room G-13