Division of Continuing Education


The Division of Continuing Education and External Partnerships is committed to creating pathways to higher education, job training and professional development programs as well as personal enrichment opportunities for our community. By serving a diverse population of learners, we help meet the economic and workforce development needs of the evolving New York City workplace as we promote and encourage lifelong learning.

The Division of Continuing Education and External Partnerships provides pathways to higher education and is committed to providing personal enrichment, job training and career enhancement programs for all New Yorkers. We offer comprehensive learning opportunities, community service and customized training to meet the needs of diverse learners and business and industry partners.

Continuing Studies Center programs provide career-enhancing skills for adults in a competitive job market. Reasonably priced courses range from Pharmacy Technician, Web Development, and Solar PV, to certificate programs in A+ certification preparation, Refrigeration Mechanics and Construction Safety. CSC works collaboratively with the College's academic departments to bring professional, hands-on training to a diverse audience and is approved by municipal and state licensing authorities to offer qualifying courses in fields including driving instructor education, fire safety, and real estate. The Center also offers personal enrichment courses to enhance quality of life.

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The city is a little safer with the establishment of our Academy for Occupational Health and Construction Safety facility at City Tech. Since 2006, we have enabled construction workers and other professionals to obtain hands-on safety training with proper equipment and full-sized scaffolding.

Academy courses are offered in a state-of-the-art lecture-lab that raises the bar on workforce training. Safety-compliance training is mandated by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the New York City Department of Buildings or various other authorities before working with certain equipment and/or moving into such job titles as construction super or site safety manager.

We can also send our expertise to off-site facilities and can interpret private lessons into: Spanish, Polish, Russian, and additional languages upon request.

Information and Registration

For further information, email AOHCS@citytech.cuny.edu or call 718-552-1116.