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Vision Care Technology, Ophthalmic Dispensing, & Eyeglass Clinic
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Faculty Resources

PDF copies of all Accounting, Business, Fashion & Marketing course outlines can be found at Course Listings page.

Yes, All CUNYFirst faculty guides can be found here and a copy of the "Faculty Quick Reference Guide" can be found by clicking here.

You can view all your schedule information on CUNYFirst. A copy of the "View My Teaching Schedule" guide can be found by clicking here.

New faculty will have to be entered into the CUNYfirst system before being able to access their CUNYFirst account for the first time (or their City Tech email). If you have been hired by the department, then we have already requested that your account be created. You will need to follow-up with the Office of Faculty & Staff Relations.

New users must always claim their account before they can access it for the first time. You can find that guide by clicking here.

If you forgot your password or it expired you will have to reset it; you can find that guide by clicking here.

Yes, Outlook Exchange guides and videos can be found here.

You will have to let the department secretary know so a ticket can be sent to OCIS on your behalf. Please send Elizabeth Rohan an email at Be sure to include your full name and EMPLID.

For a guide on how to access and how to use all computer consoles in smart classrooms see the helpful guide here.

Guides, videos and tips for teaching faculty can be found here. You may also explore the many learning opportunities provided by the Online Learning Advisory Council(OLAC).

Media Services lends media equipment to faculty and services the professors computer consoles in all smart classrooms. For contact information and how to reserve equipment visit their page here.

Information on the Faculty Resource Center (access to computers connected to printers) can be found here. Information on the Reproduction Center (copy center) can be found here.

All current faculty workshops can be found on the faculty workshop schedule page here. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact the Faculty Commons Director, Julia Jordan

If you made a mistake or are changing an incomplete grade, a current copy of your attendance roster (eFolder) and a completed grade change are required to begin the process. Blank copies of the Grade Update form can be found by clicking here.

If a student actually attended or participated your class at least once, but was marked absent on the VOE roster by mistake, you can appeal to the registrar for reinstatement; in this case, please see item (12) under Faculty Resources on the Department webpage. The submitted e-folder must show that the student attended at least once and should be given, together with a completed Grade Update form, to the department COA. If the student was marked absent due to a clerical error, the student can be reinstated; however, the corrected e-folder showing that the student attended and/or participated in at least one session, together with a completed Grade Update form, must be submitted to the department COA. If the student has compelling reasons why they were not in class, they can appeal for reinstatement, but they will need a compelling statement of explanation and evidence. In the latter case, the decision will be made by the Registrar, not by the department. The Grade Update form may be found here.

Students may be dropped from a class and/or issued a WN if the instructor does not mark them 'present' during the first few class sessions. If this happens due to an error, the instructor should follow the instructions, Items (12) and (13), as shown above. The instructor should file appropriate forms and documents with the Business Department COA. Students may appeal WU and WF grades by filing this form: with the City Tech Committee on Course and Standards, as indicated on the form.

Note the Provost's Guidance on this topic: "Submitting an assignment is not the criteria for attendance, it is participating in class prior to the deadline. If (you are) using Blackboard (you) can run a report to see who has logged into the class and on what date(s), what areas the student visited and for how long. ITEC can provide guidance on how to do this. If (you are) using OpenLab, their tech support should be able to assist as well."

Please check out the many opportunities provided by the Online Learning Advisory Council (OLAC).
ALL online instructors MUST be pre-certified by OLAC (even if you have extensive previous experience). If you cannot find the answer on that page, please contact the OLAC Director, Dr. Karen Lundstrem at
For questions relating to Online Learning SPECIFIC to the Business Department, please contact our OLAC Liaison, Prof. Nazanin Hedayat Munroe, at

Please visit the Faculty/Staff Information page.

Starting end of day on July 3rd, 2017, the login method for Blackboard will transition to new CUNY login credentials. You will access Blackboard from the same sites you currently use, but you will log in using your CUNYfirst username followed by and your CUNYfirst password. For example, if you log into CUNYfirst as george.washington76, you will log into Blackboard as You will still login from the current sites you use, such as the CUNY site at or from the City Tech homepage at by clicking on Quicklinks and selecting Blackboard. The direct link to login will remain the same More info.

In preparation for the transition, Blackboard will be taken offline at 2 am on Monday, July 3rd. We anticipate that Blackboard will be restored by the end of that business day. The CUNY Login credentials will take effect immediately upon Blackboard coming back online. As noted previously, DegreeWorks and FACTS are switching over to these new login credentials in July. Other key applications will transition to the CUNY Login credentials in upcoming semesters. Click here for more details or email

See the DegreeWorks Faculty Guide for instructions on how to log into the new DegreeWorks website.

Submit a COURSE SUBSTITUTION Request by logging in, with your City Tech (NOT CUNYfirst) credentials, to the Degree Audit Review Request (DARR) page:

You can find out more about WAC/WI on this page If you still have questions, ask our WAC/WI specialist, Dr. N. Munroe

You can find out more about ID on this page If you still have questions, ask our WAC/WI specialist, Dr. D. Sutton

The general requirements for graduation can be found on this page

If a student seems to be struggling and/or in need of support, please consider submitting their information to the Early Alert/Early Intervention System by completing the Early Intervention Form. This is overseen by Student Affairs and their staff will reach out to the student and connect them to needed intervention specialists; these may include a peer mentor, who can help the student navigate the college and connect to additional resources.

Please check out the Counseling Services page. In the case of disruptive, bizarre, destructive/self-destructive behavior, the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) can intervene and offer safety and support. You can reach them by sending an email to In addition, you should fill out and submit the Incident Form. In an emergency, please contact Campus Security at 718-260-5555. You can also use Crisis Text Line, which is available available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This tool is a service that provides students access to a trained Crisis Counselor, not employed by CUNY, to assist in problem-solving and safety planning during moments of crisis, using SMS messaging. To support those in crisis, TXT "CUNY" to 741741 from any cell phone in the US and you will be connected with a trained Crisis Counselor. Additional details are here. Questions should be directed to

Please visit the City Tech Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) webpage and read the documents found there. Please complete the Faculty Action Report (FAR) Form you will find in that document. All violations of the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity must be reported by submitting this form to the college Academic Integrity Officer (AIO), Professor Kyle Cuordileone, at You may also find the required FAR form here: Be sure to attach any relevant information or documentary evidence. Be aware that the AIO may change from time to time. Thus, you should verify the identity of the AIO before sending the form.

When dealing with students on matters of health, disability, and/or related topics, please note: faculty should never review medical documentation from a student. Do NOT attempt to evaluate/diagnose students' health issues and/or concerns. Instead, refer the student to the Student Accessibility Center (SAC) in L-237. The SAC will review the documentation/claims and give the student a letter to share with faculty if accommodations need to be made. Please read this document for more information.

Monday - Friday, the City Tech campus opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 10:30 PM for students, 11:00 PM for faculty. The same campus hours apply to all buildings. Weekend hours are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The campus is closed on holidays.

One of the hardest things about teaching is encountering a student with behavioral problems. Fortunately, City Tech has several resources available to assist faculty with such students. How you approach a student with a behavioral problem is dependent upon the type of problem you encounter. In the case of a disruptive, but not threatening student, your first initiative should be to try to speak privately with the student. If the student is unwilling to do so, or if such a conversation leads you to suspect that the student is in crisis, you should submit a report to the Office of Student Affairs, which is located in Namm 322. You can contact Student Affairs at extension 5430, 718-260-5430 on a non-campus phone, or by emailing Corie McCallum at

If you encounter a student threatening violence or who is suicidal, you should call Public Safety immediately at extension 5550 (local) or 718-260-5550 on a non-campus phone.

You might also wish to contact City Tech's Behavioral Intervention Team to discuss a student with behavioral problems. You can contact BIT at Your email will automatically be sent to all members of the BIT team, the Counseling Center, Public Safety and Student Affairs, which will assess how to respond. More information about BIT is available at

For more information on dealing with students in crisis, read the City Tech's counseling center's "DEALING WITH STUDENTS IN CRISIS: Guidelines for Responding to Disruptive and Distressed Students on Campus," which is available online at More information about City Tech's Counseling Center is available at

  1. Statement of Policy —
  2. HEO, CLT, and other City Tech Employees Teaching in the Business Department (Please check with your supervisor before completing and submitting the form.) —
  3. Full-time teaching faculty —
  4. Adjuncts —

You can email them at They are located in N-301. You may also reach out to them via telephone at 718-260-5353 or visit their Contact Us page for instructions.

If you have received suspicious email, please forward the message to and to If you have received threatening email and/or email relating to violence or potentially dangerous situations, please forward the email to and to If you are not sure what to make of an email and/or have other questions relating to email, please send a message to

Together, YOU and your student must have a conversation and then complete the Incomplete Resolution Plan (IRP) . Once finalized, the signed paperwork should be sent to the Business Department. When a final grade has been established, YOU will need to complete a Grade Update form by the deadline. In addition, YOU will need to submit a complete eFolder for the class.

Although you may teach in it, the Business Department is not your employer. Therefore, if you have questions or issues regarding your salary/compensation or other work-related challenges unrelated to pedagogy, course content, student management, etc., please note the following:

  1. The new contract is complicated and has many new provisions for salaries, compensation for office hours, etc. You may find out more about these topics here:
    1. This document describes how the increases in adjunct pay will work Work. "A major portion of the adjunct raises begins right away. In Spring 2020, the minimum salary for a three-credit course will be $4,469, and it will be $5,586 for a four credit course. By the final year of the contract, minimum pay for a three-credit course will reach $5,500; minimum pay for a four-credit course will be $6,875.
  2. Aside from the initial rate of pay recommended at the time of your initial on-boarding, the Business Department is not able to specify what your salary should be or when it will actually be paid.
    1. If you are an adjunct or a full-time instructor expecting payment for an overload/extra-compensation class, please be aware that these matters are handled by the Adjunct Workload Management Office (AWMO), which is located in N-304. You may reach out to them at 718-260-5565/5040 and/or by email:
    2. If you are a full-time instructor and your issue relates to your regular salary, please be aware that City Tech does NOT have a specific payroll designee here on campus. If you are a full-time employee and have an issue connected with your regular salary, it can be directed to the Office of Faculty Staff Relations (OFSR) and a member of their team will handle it. They are located in N-301. You may reach out to them at 718-260-5353 or by email: Please visit their Contact Us page for a list of email addresses. The OFSR has the ability to engage university payroll if the matter cannot rectified internally
  3. If your issue is not related to salary, but is still not pedagogical, e.g., sick leave, multi-year appointments, etc., please communicate with the Office of Faculty Staff Relations (OFSR) and a member of their team will address your issue. They are located in N-301. You may reach out to them at 718-260-5353 or by email: Please visit their Contact Us page for a list of their email addresses.
  4. For non-salary compensation issues, e.g., travel reimbursement, summer advisement, grants, PR-Assist, and/or any compensation/reimbursement not directly related to your classroom teaching, you will need to have a conversation with HEO Billie Coleman. She is located in N-621. You may reach her at 718-260-5345 or by email at
  5. The Business Department is happy to provide you with documentation, consult with you, make inquiries on your behalf, and to provide you with copies of Workload Forms, etc. Unfortunately, for reasons relating to conflict-of-interest factors, the Business Department cannot be your advocate in salary/compensation disputes with the college.
  6. If you feel that a medical condition and/or disability prevents you from working under the assigned conditions, e.g., you need to teach exclusively online irrespective of CUNY/City Tech COVID-19 policy, you will probably need an accommodation from the Office of Faculty Staff Relations (OFSR). The Business Department is not qualified to assess health-related and disability information. Thus, you must send medical documentation, along with the required forms, to the OFSR. A member of their team will assess your situation and, if they determine it is appropriate, suggest an accommodation. Please visit their Contact Us page for instructions on how to reach out to them and to find out how to initiate the process. The Business Department will allocate classes and schedules according to what is best for the students. Instructors' requests will be considered, but without official notice from OFSR, there is no guarantee that they will be honored.
    If your illness/disability involves Coronavirus/COVID-19, please be sure to ALSO complete the City Tech COVID-19 Reporting Form.
  7. If you are unable to resolve your issue(s) using the above resources, we recommend that you contact your PSC Chapter Representatives. You can find them here: The Business Department will cooperate with any PSC inquiries.
  8. FAQs

Eligibility: only those adjuncts who have taught 6 or more workload hours in the same department for the last 9 semesters may be eligible. If they do the same in the spring semester, they may be eligible for a 3-year reappointment review. This group also includes those who have already received a 3-year appointment and are coming to the end of that appointment. Note that eligibility is not decided by the Business Department. Eligibility is determined by the Adjunct Workload Management Office (AWMO). If you believe that you are eligible for a multi-year appointment and have not received an official notification that you are, you should send an inquiry to and/or to Interim Associate Provost Reginald Blake at More information may be found here.

Higher Education Officers (HEOs), College Laboratory Technicians (CLTs), and other individuals already employed by the college are generally not eligible for multi-year appointments. These individuals should verify their eligibility status with Associate Provost Pamela Brown before inquiring further.

If you have been found eligible for a multi-year appointment, you should follow the instructions you received in the eligibility notification letter. Note that the eligibility notification letter does not originate in the Business Department (see Eligibility above).

If, as determined by AWMO, CUNYfirst records indicates that you meet the eligibility criteria for consideration for a 3-year appointment as an adjunct member of the faculty with an assignment of at least 6 credit-hours per semester, as per the collective bargaining agreement (see the Memorandum of Agreement regarding the 2019 contract), the Business Department will consider you as follows:

The Business Department Appointments Committee (DAP) will

  1. Conduct a performance review of your work.
  2. Make a determination as to whether the department will have the financial resources and the need for your services for three years. Changes to the curriculum or shifts in enrollment may reduce this need.

As a result of the review, the Business Department may recommend that you be offered one of the following:

  1. A 3-year appointment.
  2. No appointment.
  3. A 1-year appointment with specific "guidance" regarding issues that must be addressed.

Note that neither the eligible adjunct nor the Business Department has the option to continue on a semester-by semester basis.

To ensure that the DAC has all relevant information during the review process, it is the responsibility of the adjunct to submit the following to the department chair no later than February 18:

  1. The syllabus from a recent class section that includes the information that is specific to you, your course, and your students.
  2. A mid-term or final exam from a recent class section. If your class uses a common final exam, then submit a midterm exam, project, or assignment that is specific to your particular class.

To these items, the department will append observation reports and student evaluations of teaching (SETs) for the most recent three years. The department chair will schedule a teaching observation of a full classroom session by a member of the full-time faculty to take place sometime between weeks 3 and 7 of the Spring semester.

The member of the full-time faculty who conducts the classroom observation will schedule a post observation conference in compliance with the CUNY/PSC Collective Bargaining Agreement. This will be followed by a written report that both parties must sign. The faculty member being reviewed has the option to submit a rebuttal.

The DAC will review the post-observation report, as well as all of the documents included in the review (the syllabus, sample examination, SETs, and earlier classroom observation reports). Completion of non-teaching administrative tasks, e.g., timely submission of grades, availability to meet with students during scheduled hours, etc. will also be examined. The DAC will then make a recommendation to the Dean.

After review by the Dean and the Provost, the President will make appointments, subject to verification that, during the next three years, the college can expect the sustained student demand and budget for the courses typically taught by the adjunct.

Adjuncts will be notified of the decision no later than May 15.

Note: The Business Department is not your employer and this notice/posting does not constitute an offer of employment; neither is it a guarantee of continued employment and/or a specification of the terms of employment and/or salary. The Business Department has no authority to enter into a contract (explicit or implicit) on behalf of The City University of New York, the New York City College of Technology, and/or any related entity. As such, the contents of this notice/posting should be considered as for discussion purposes only. No binding agreement is intended or implied. For issues concerning your employment at City Tech, please contact the Office of Faculty and Staff Relations. They are located in N-301. You may reach them at 718-260-5353 For problems/questions relating to your salary or payroll, please reach out to the Adjunct Workload Management Office (AWMO), which is located in N-304. You may reach them at 718-260-5565/5040 or by email:

Here are some details concerning the regulations on Office Hours. Note that:

  1. Office hours are to be 'formalized' as directed by the department chair.
  2. Faculty must notify students and the department administration of their office hour schedule.
  3. If a course is conducted wholly or partially online, a proportionate share of the office hours for that course may also be conducted that way.
  4. Adjuncts are responsible for holding office hours even if it means posting on your syllabus that your 'office' is the cafeteria.

See this link for more information:

Errors & Omissions Disclaimer: We have endeavored to supply you with accurate information. However, the regulations, policies, and rules of The City University of New York (CUNY) and the New York City College of Technology (NYCCT) are complex and evolving. Therefore, the contents of this webpage are provided for informational purposes only. The information/links/forms/etc. presented here may change without notice. Thus, all are advised to double-check everything, and consult the College Catalog and/or other official CUNY/NYCCT sources of information.