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300 Jay Street
Room N-1012
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-260-5773

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Welcome to the Business Department

The department offers a wide range of coursework from Law and Financial Management, to Fashion Merchandising, to Financial Forecasting, and to Marketing. We also offer many elective courses. The research of the Business faculty is broadly focused in diverse areas. On our Publications & Research page, you can get an idea of our faculty’s areas of expertise. When possible, we endeavor to offer students the opportunity to work with us on a variety of projects and present their results.

Our mission is to offer curious, motivated students a practical business education that will be valued in the public and private sectors of our economy. We offer you programs and courses that meet the demands of prospective employers. Students that study business at City Tech will learn how to analyze and solve important problems. The person who has the insight to effectively manage, allocate, and protect scarce resources will be the person who is hired and promoted.This is the person who will become an effective manager and entrepreneur.

How to Contact a Member of the Business Department

You can reach any member of the Business Department via email. Email addresses are formed using the first letter of the first name and the last name as shown in this example: For Prof. Allen Wolf, you would use

Internship & Career Development Information

ALL internship opportunities must be cleared through the Citytech Professional Development Center (PDC).
Read more about internship.

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