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Accounting, Marketing, & Fashion Studies
300 Jay Street
Room N-1012
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Phone: 718-260-5773

Fax: 718-260-5774

Vision Care Technology, Ophthalmic Dispensing, & Eyeglass Clinic
285 Jay Street
Room A-812
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-260-5298

Fax: 718-254-8521

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business minor

NEW Business Minor

This program allows students to complete a B-Minor by simply adding a few courses to their program while finishing their BA, BS, BFA, or BTECH degree.
“Minor in Business” will appear on student transcript.



The Accounting program equips students with accounting skills that will make them immediately employable upon graduation with the associate degree.

Business & Technology of Fashion/AAS

Business & Technology of Fashion/AS

The Business and Technology of Fashion AS program is a 2-year degree designed for the student interested in the dynamics of fashion, both as a business and as an expression of contemporary culture.

Marketing Management and Sales/AAS

Marketing Management and Sales/AAS

Students in management and sales are introduced to careers in marketing management, professional selling, sales management, market research, supply chain management, direct marketing, entrepreneurship and advertising.

Business & Technology of Fashion/BS

Business & Technology of Fashion/BS

This program is unique within CUNY, and extremely unusual in its focus on both business and technology. It is perfectly placed at City Tech, able to take advantage of the strengths of the College in all of the forward-looking high-tech approaches that define tomorrow’s economy.

Ophthalmic Dispensing/AAS

Ophthalmic Dispensing/AAS

The ophthalmic dispenser/optician combines knowledge of scientific and clinical procedures with skills and the ability to work well with patients in the fitting and adapting of lenses and devices that aid in providing comfortable and efficient vision and in correcting ocular deficiencies.

Program Outcomes