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Office of the Registrar

Credit/No Credit Policy

The CR/NC will not be in effect for the Spring 2021 Semester.

Will the CR/NC Policy be in effect for the Spring 2021 Semester?

No. The Office Academic Affairs in collaboration with the Office of the Registrar is committed to working with you to achieve your academic goals. We want to officially inform you that there will NOT be a Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) Policy in effect for the spring 2021 semester. This is different from the policies in spring and fall 2020. The College will resume the "all letter grade policy," which will be used to calculate your grade point average (GPA).

The last day that you can officially withdraw from a class with a grade of W that does not affect your GPA is Monday May 17th. We encourage you to consult with financial aid when considering withdrawing from a class as this may affect your financial aid.

We are pleased to share that in future semesters the college may have a permanent, more limited pass/no-credit policy. The faculty are currently in the early developmental stages of creating a policy which upholds our high academic standards while giving students the opportunity to take courses that challenge them without affecting their GPA.

What is the Fall 2020 Credit/No Credit policy?

The Fall 2020 flexible grading policy applies to students (undergraduate, and non-degree) enrolled in most classes at City Tech. Under the new flexible grading policy, after final grades are posted by faculty, you can choose to convert the traditional letter grade you earned in most courses (any grade from B+ to D-), into a grade of Credit (“CR”) or F to No Credit (“NC”). Unlike traditional letter grades, which affect your grade point average (“GPA”), grades of Credit or No Credit will not factor into your GPA.

Information to know before opting into the policy?

  • Financial Aid Advisement - Students should seek guidance from financial aid if considering the credit/no credit option to discuss implications on meeting financial aid requirements (for example, some scholarships may require a minimum number of credits to be taken each semester for a letter grade. Contact for more information.
  • Academic/Program Advisement - Students should seek guidance from academic advisors or major/program advisors to consider implications of the credit/no credit for specific courses relevant to future, career, graduate, or professional training requirements. To find your academic advisor academic, click here to find your academic advisor.

Important Dates

  • Opt-In to CR/NC Policy in CUNYfirst beginning December 23rd
  • Last day to file for the Credit/No Credit option is January 16th

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