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Office of the Registrar

Course Scheduling Information

Scheduling under the Office of the Registrar, is comprised of Course and Room Scheduling. Class Scheduling oversees academic course scheduling, maintenance of the course catalog in CUNYfirst, analysis and maintenance of course attributes, modes of instruction and maximizing space utilization.


As of October 18th, 2021, City Tech migrated to a new scheduling platform, Coursedog. Coursedog is an all-in-one schedule, curriculum, and catalog planning platform! This system will help to eliminate errors, reduce late change requests, and simplify data entry. In addition, Coursedog allows departments to view data trends to align their course offerings and academic services with student needs. Administrative and Academic Departments will also be able to enforce section scheduling policies, and streamline departmental scheduling workflows. Ultimately, this system will update CUNYfirst in real-time.

Coursedog Environments

Coursedog Training Materials