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Office of the Registrar

Review of Record Appeals

The Review of Records Appeal Committee (RORAC) reviews appeals submitted by students who have outstanding tuition charges and have encountered an unforeseen circumstance beyond their control. Students have one calendar year from the date the semester in dispute began to appeal outstanding tuition charges.

Review of Record Appeals must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. All appeals require the completion of the Review of Record Appeal form, and the student must also provide supporting documentation. The outcome of the appeal will depend upon the nature of the circumstances and the supporting documentation provided. Appeals are reviewed by the committee on a monthly basis with the exception of June, August, September, January, and February (peak periods). Non-attendance appeals may require more time to review. The RORAC will send all appeal communications from the email address. All correspondence will be sent to your City Tech email address unless you are not a current student at the college. All committee decisions are final.

To initiate a Review of Record Appeal, please visit our Forms Page. Select Form Type: "Review of Records" . The form is a fillable pdf that you must fill out, save and upload it for submission. You also have the option to upload additional documentation with the appeal form.