New Student Orientation Fall 2014

Attend the section of your major:

Section 1

School of Arts & Sciences  |  School of Professional Studies

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Date: Monday, August 25
Time: 10:00am — 5:00pm
Place: Namm Cafeteria

For Students in:
Applied Mathematics
Career and Technical Teacher
Chemical Technology
Computer Science
Fashion Marketing
Hospitality Management
Human Services
Legal Assistant Studies
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Marketing Management
Math Education
Technology Teacher Education

For Students in:
Biomedical Informatics
Dental Hygiene
Health Services Administration
Radiologic Technology and
    Medical Imaging
Restorative Dentistry (Dental Lab
Undecided/Undeclared Health
Vision Care Technology
    (Ophthalmic Dispensing)

Section 2

School of Technology & Design

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Date: Tuesday, August 26
Time: 10:00am — 5:00pm
Place: Namm Cafeteria

For Students in:
Architectural Technology
Art and Advertising Design
Civil Engineering Technology
Communication Design
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Information Systems
Computer Systems
Construction Engineering Technology
Electrical Engineering Technology
Electromechanical Engineering Tech
Entertainment Technology
Environmental Control Technology
Facilities Management
Graphic Arts Production
Industrial Design Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Telecommunications Engineering Tech

Q & A: Common QuestionsX  

Do I have to attend the New Student Orientation?
It is highly recommended but is not required. Should you decide to not attend you will miss an opportunity to meet your faculty and other students. This is a connection that would put you on the right path. Additionally, you will miss out on information that will help you become a successful student.

Is there a fee for New Student Orientation?
No, there is no cost associated with the New Student Orientation Program.

Do I need to register to attend New Student Orientation?
No, registration is not required. However, it is useful to us if you register so we have an idea of how many people to expect.

When is the New Student Orientation and what time does it begin?
Orientation is ontwo days, Monday August 25 and Tuesday, August 26. The 25th is for students with majors in the Schools of Arts and Sciences or Professional Studies. The 26th is for students with majors in the School of Technology and Design. Each day will begin with check-in at 9:30 a.m. The day will conclude at approximately 5:00 p.m.

Can I bring my parents and family?
Yes, there is a special program for parents and family on the same morning that you attend orientation. Their session will end at approximately 2:00pm. Their session is called POP, the Parent Orientation Program and there is no associated cost to attend, nor do they need to register. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend. The web page has a separate link for POP registration.

What topics are covered during the Parent Orientation?
We will provide information about City Tech resources to help your parents support you as a student. These resources include the following: Enrollment and Student Affairs, Financial Aid, Health and Wellness, Student Life and Development, New Student Center, and many more. All of this information will be readily available to the student should a parent be unable to attend.

Will I be able to view and/or pay the tuition bill during the orientation?
You will be able to make payments and attend to other financial issues without any hindrance; however we recommend that you do so at the conclusion of the orientation program.

I have questions about Financial Aid, Testing, Class Schedules, etc. Will I be able to get answers during orientation?
Yes. You will have the opportunity to speak with various departments at the college. This is what the orientation exhibition is for. Our Orientation Student Leaders will be able to guide you to any areas of concern. Or you can simple ask them, they are current students and could provide tips and suggestions.

(For Parents) Will I be able to view student grades or financial information?
If you are over the age of 18 your grades and registration information are not legally available to parents or others without your written permission. To allow this access, you will need to complete a FERPA form and submit it to Enrollment and Student Affairs in N300. The form can be found at:

Do you have any information on financial assistance or avoiding debt?
Yes, members from our Financial Aid department will be on hand for any questions. To assist you we have collected some tips for minimizing your debt as a college student. See the tab 'Managing Your Finances During Your College Career' below for more information.

What day does the semester start?
The spring semester begins Thursday, August 28, 2014; we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the college calendar, as there are several days during the early part of the semester where classes are not in session. Please note that Saturday and Sunday classes meet for the first time on September You can find the college calendar at or Fall 2014 Academic Calendar.

When do I buy books for my classes?
Most instructors will hand out a syllabus the first day of class. This will indicate what books are required for your class. The City Tech bookstore will be open extended hours during the first two weeks of school.

Do I need to come to campus every day?
Unlike high school, college classes are often only two or three days per week. Truthfully, it depends how you schedule your course load and how you plan your daily activities. Work and family are leading factors on how you plan your schedule and the obvious is course availability. We recommend registering early and accurately. Staff will be on hand to assist you with scheduling classes; however, keep in mind your personal needs. You only need to be on campus on the days and times that you have class or to participate in student activities.

How do I change my major?
To discuss changing your major we suggest that you make an appointment with one of the counselors in the Counseling Center, N-108 or 718-260-5030.

I have a class in the morning and then one later in the afternoon What do I do between the two classes?
This is your free time; we recommend utilizing the time to study, checking out the Library, visiting the Learning Center, or getting involved in campus activities such as: Student Life & Development, Clubs, the Student Government Association, and/or City Tech Times (the official campus newspaper).

How can I get involved at City Tech?
A good place to start is the Office of Student Life and Development (OSLD) in room G-516 or 718-260-5391. OSLD staff will talk with you about various ways a student can get involved on campus. Students who are involved on campus are more likely to succeed academically.

How safe is the campus? Is there sufficient security?
Our campus is located in Downtown Brooklyn. We have sworn Campus Peace Officers with the powers of arrest. They are not just security, but are members of the Public Safety Department. From bike officers to general patrol officers, they are located in each of our campus building entrance ways. We take public safety very seriously and the College has sufficient security staff for any contingency. Each campus location requires identification for entry into our buildings. For further information regarding safety and crime statistics please feel free to visit the Public Safety site at: publicSafety/ps_index.shtml. We recommend that students register with CUNY A!ert, CUNY’s system that notifies students and staff of emergency situations, including weather emergencies. It is not used for any other purpose! CUNY A!ert will send emergency information to your phone, to your e-mail address or to mobile devices of your choosing. Please help us keep you safe.

Will I be able to get a Student ID at Orientation?
No. It is customary to show a copy of your current tuition bill the first week of classes. The Public Safety Office will be issuing City Tech IDs during the first few weeks of school. They will post the times that the ID Station will be open. Until you have your ID; please carry a copy of your class schedule to show to Public Safety personnel at the entrance of each City Tech building.

I am unclear about my status as a new student, what do I do?
    • unsure of being accepted to City Tech:
      contact the Office of Admissions in NG-17 or 718-260-5500
    • not registered for classes:
      contact the New Student Center in N-104 or 718-260-5013
    • questions about financial aid:
      contact the Financial Aid Office in NG-13 or 718-260-5700

Managing Finances During Your College CareerX  

To assist you we have collected some tips for minimizing your debt as a college student.  Some of them may not be fun to hear; however you might want to consider it an investment in your future.

» Avoiding Debt in College (pdf)

City Tech also offers a variety of scholarships to entering freshmen students. Many of these scholarships are based on academic merit and/or financial need. Additionally, there are a number of scholarships available to undocumented students.

Students who wish to be considered for need based scholarships must file the current year's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Receipt of a scholarship may affect the amount of state or federal aid for which you may be eligible.

» Learn more about scholarships

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