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Architectural Technology/AAS

The associate in applied science in Architectural Technology, the only program of its kind in the CUNY system, educates students to assist the architect and perform at a high level in design, contract documents and the construction stages of a building project. The program familiarizes students with up-to-date architectural office practices and procedures including current digital tools for design, analysis, representation, and fabrication. Studio work gives the students the opportunity to develop their talents by participating in various architectural projects from inception to final presentation.

The two-year AAS degree is offered as the first half of the fouryear bachelor of technology (BTech) degree program. Students enrolled in the AAS degree in Architectural Technology may transfer directly into the bachelor of technology degree program at any time upon meeting the requirements or upon completion of the AAS degree. Upon completion of 64 credits, students generally have the credentials to begin a career in an architect’s or engineer’s office. This provides the flexibility of working in the field while completing the baccalaureate degree during the day or evening sessions.

A partial listing of positions that graduates of this program will qualify for includes architectural technician, CAD drafter, architectural renderer, architectural model maker, fabrication shop technician, manufacturer’s representative, building department expeditor, assistant building performance analysis technician, assistant specifications writer and clerk of the works. Employers of the graduates of these programs have included Davis/Brody Architects, The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, Gwathmey Siegel, HOK, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Michael Lynn Associates, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City Department of Parks, Robert A.M. Stern Architects, U.S. Government Corps of Engineers, Walker Group, Peter Brooks Associates (England), Heier & Monse Architects (Germany) and Christian Moreau Architects (France).

Program Educational Objectives

The objectives of the associate in applied science degree in Architectural Technology are:

  • To transfer basic building blocks of knowledge to create pathways for life-long learning and meaningful employment in architecture and related fields.
  • To foster a community of supportive, engaged professionals who excel in the core skills of architecture from whom the students will learn, discuss and debate the changing needs of the field.
  • To direct the student toward advanced and new methods of problem solving which incorporates deep inquiry of relevant topics, academic research, consideration of the sustainable environment and visualization of successful solutions.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Graduates from the AAS degree program are prepared for entrylevel employment in the architectural field, having a breath of knowledge in topics including construction documents, computer applications, design and programmatic planning, architectural history, and environmental systems.

2. The AAS degree graduate is well versed in visual and written presentation, critical thinking and methods of effective communication at different levels as well as a basic broad understanding of history, math, science and the humanities.

3. AAS degree graduates are uniquely qualified to bridge the span between the technological and pragmatic needs of the architectural related fields in a way which incorporates a variety of approaches and draws upon a diverse understanding of methods employed to solve problems and serve client needs.

Progression in and Graduation from Architectural Technology

For progression in and graduation from the Architectural Technology programs, a minimum grade of “C” is required in the following courses in the major: all required Design and Construction Technology Studios (ARCH 1110, ARCH 1210, ARCH 2310, ARCH 2410, ARCH 3510, ARCH 3610, ARCH 3630, ARCH 4710, ARCH 4810 and ARCH 4830), and all required Visual Studies (ARCH 1191, ARCH 1291) and Building Technology courses (ARCH 1130, ARCH 1230, ARCH 2330, ARCH 2430).

Additional Costs other than Tuition and College-wide Fees (Approximate):

Textbooks $400
Professional Tools $300
Project Materials and Supplies $200
Portfolio Preparation $100




English Composition (1 course, 3 credits)

ENG 1101 English Composition I 3

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (1 course, 4 credits)

MAT 1375 or higher2 Precalculus 4

Life and Physical Sciences (1 course, 4-5 credits)

PHYS 1433

PHYS 1441
General Physics I: Algebra Based
General Physics I: Calculus Based



In addition to the required course listed below, select one course from two of the other four areas; no more than two courses may be selected from any discipline.

World Cultures and Global Issues

Any Approved Course

US Experience in its Diversity

Any Approved Course

Individual and Society

Any Approved Course

Creative Expression

ARCH 2321/ARTH 2321 History of Architecture 1900 to the Present 3

Scientific World

Any Approved Course

Writing Intensive Requirement3

Students at New York City College of Technology must complete two courses designated WI for the associate level, one from GenEd and one from the major; and two additional courses designated WI for the baccalaureate level, one from GenEd and one from the major.

ARCH 1110 Architectural Design l: Foundations3
ARCH 1121 History of Architectural Technology2
ARCH 1130 Building Technology l3
ARCH 1191 Visual Studies l2
ARCH 1210 Architectural Design ll: Foundations3
ARCH 1230 Building Technology ll3
ARCH 1250 Site Planning2
ARCH 1291 Visual Studies ll 2
ARCH 2310 Architectural Design llI4
ARCH 2321 History of Architecture 1900 to the Present Met as GenEd
ARCH 2330 Building Technology lll4
ARCH 2370 Building Systems3
ARCH 2410 Architectural Design lV4
ARCH 2430 Building Technology lV3
ARCH 2480 Structures l 3
ENG 1101 English Composition I Met as GenEd
MAT 1375 or higher Precalculus Met as GenEd
PHYS 1433

PHYS 1441
General Physics I: Algebra Based
General Physics I: Calculus Based
Met as GenEd


ARCH 3550 Building Performance Workshop 3
ARCH 3590 Parametric Computation, Materials and Fabrication 3
ARCH 3662 Government Regulations and Approvals 3

1 Although students enrolled in AAS programs are not required to meet all of the CUNY Pathways requirements, the college and program general education requirements are organized by Pathways categories to inform students of their standing should they transfer to a CUNY baccalaureate program.

2 Students without the requisite math background to enter MAT 1375 will be required to take MAT 1175 and/or MAT 1275 in preparation. This will increase the number of required credits for the degree by 4-8 credits.

3 A semester-specific list of writing intensive courses is available online at the City Tech Pathways website.

For progression in and graduation from this Architectural Technology program, a minimum grade of “C” is required in the following courses in the major: all required Design and Construction Technology Studios (ARCH 1110, ARCH 1210, ARCH 2310, and ARCH 2410), and all required Visual Studies (ARCH 1191, ARCH 1291) and Building Technology courses (ARCH 1130, ARCH 1230, ARCH 2330, ARCH 2430).