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Welcome to the School of Technology & Design!

The School of Technology and Design covers a broad area, from the engineering technologies to computer systems, from architecture to advertising design and graphic arts, from construction-related areas to the study of new media. What all of these areas share is the signature City Tech blending of theory and practice, and the focus on tomorrow's technology. A faculty with broad professional experience outside of the classroom can anticipate emerging needs of the economic sectors its programs serve, preparing students for professional certifications and licensures, and for a career to last a lifetime.

Architectural Technology/BTech

The Department of Architectural Technology offers a unique four-year BTech that prepares the student to be proficient in the 21st century technologies required to manage all phases of professional practice in architecture and related fields.

Communication Design/BTech

The BTech degree, building on the solid foundation in visual expression of the first two years, develops students’ abilities to frame, research and solve increasingly complex visual communication problems.

Communication Design Management/BTech

The bachelor of technology (BTech) degree is for students who are motivated toward a career in management within the communication fields: advertising, publishing, motion graphics, broadcast and web design.

Computer Engineering Technology/BTech

There are many ways a student can enter the bachelor of technology program in Computer Engineering Technology. Students may enter the program as freshmen if they meet the general College criteria.

Electrical Technology/BTech

With its complimentary design, graduates will be equipped to become active members in the industry and keep pace with the ever-changing field.

Emerging Media Technology/BTech (MTEC)

The BTech in Emerging Media Technologies is a four-year undergraduate program within the department of Entertainment Technology focused on creating the next generation of creative technologists for the expanding emerging media industries of New York City and beyond.

Computer Systems/BTech

This is the only comprehensive curriculum in CUNY that addresses the specific needs of the information technology (IT) industry by integrating theory, hands-on experience and industry exposure to applied skills through a required internship degree program component.

Construction Technology/BTech

Graduates of this program will have the necessary technical skills for careers in construction management; engineering, construction operations and/ or maintenance of the built environment; and infrastructure.

Entertainment Technology/BTech (STB)

The program seeks to provide highly competent graduates for careers as scenery, lighting, sound, video and show control technologists, technical and production managers, equipment marketing representatives and personnel for distributors and rental houses in the entertainment industry.

Facilities Management/BTech

The Facilities Management baccalaureate degree prepares graduates for careers as facility managers in large commercial buildings, hospitals, residential complexes, universities and other institutions.

Mechanical Engineering Technology/BTech

This multidisciplinary curriculum addresses both theory and hands-on experience with industry-standard tools in manufacturing systems, industrial design and robotics, providing the broad-based engineering technology education required to solve applied engineering problems through design and analysis.

Telecommunications Engineering Technology/BTech

The curriculum in the baccalaureate program in Telecommunications Engineering Technology builds upon the skills learned in the first two years and adds more advanced study in data communications, coding, computer systems, probability and statistics.

Architectural Technology/AAS

The associate in applied science in Architectural Technology, the only program of its kind in the CUNY system, educates students to assist the architect and perform at a high level in design, contract documents and the construction stages of a building project.

Civil Engineering Technology/AAS

The program prepares students for positions as engineering technicians in a broad range of public works projects including structures, transportation facilities, water supply, waste water treatment, geotechnical as well as construction inspection, materials testing and surveying.

Communication Design/AAS

The AAS degree program in Communication Design provides students with a solid foundation in the theory and current practices of the Communication Design profession and a grounding in general education.

Communication Design Management/AAS

This program is designed for students seeking a career in the New York area’s multi-billion dollar communications industry which includes advertising, publishing, corporate communications, design studios, out-of-home graphics, printing and packaging.

Construction Management Technology/AAS

The associate degree in applied science in Construction Management Technology program is the only one of its kind in the CUNY system. It prepares students for careers as managers and technicians in the field of construction.

Computer Information Systems/AAS

The associate in applied science (AAS) in Computer Information System (CIS) prepares students for entry level careers in: computer programming, database programming and administration, web programming, and systems/network administration and support.

Electrical Engineering Technology/AAS

The Electrical Engineering Technology program is designed to prepare graduates for careers as electronic technicians.

Electromechanical Engineering Technology/AAS

The Electromechanical Engineering Technology program, the only one of its kind within the CUNY system, was developed in response to the need to prepare competent technicians who had the special skills needed by the computer industry

Environmental Control Technology/AAS

Environmental control technology is the study of the science, equipment and systems that are essential to creating and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Industrial Design Technology/AAS

The Industrial Design Technology (IND) program is designed to provide students with a wide variety of valuable skills enabling them to utilize a number of 2D, 3D and animation/simulation software packages in several diverse fields.

Mechanical Engineering Technology/AAS

The Mechanical Engineering Technology program, accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ETAC/ABET), provides the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for success in a broad range of technical careers

Telecommunications Engineering Technology/AAS

This program prepares students to enter the rapidly expanding field of telecommunications and provides them with a wide range of skills needed for employment and continuing education in this high-tech industry as telecommunications technicians.

Construction Management Certificate

The certificate has been designed to enhance the opportunities for those already employed in the construction industry without any formal academic or technical background in construction management, as well as to appeal to those seeking entry-level opportunities in the field.

Sustainable Technology Certificate

City Tech’s Sustainable Technology certificate provides a multidisciplinary curriculum of sustainable technologies within facilities design and operation. Coursework encompasses the specifics of life cycle cost analyses of new high-tech materials, alternative energy systems, and new construction methodologies in the preliminary design phase.