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Student Success Center Services

When staff from the Student Success Center (SSC) reaches out to students, it is not a one-time event. The SSC is dedicated to building relationships with students in order to provide more comprehensive support. Coaches and Coordinators will stick with a student through an acute incident, a semester, or even an entire college career. Some of the specific services we offer are listed below.

One-on-One Coaching

Students can find personal, individualized support with a Success Coach from the Student Success Center. Coaches are trained to help students find long-term strategies and solutions to a variety of issues, such as: difficulty communicating with professors, being overwhelmed with schoolwork and personal responsibilities, accountability, confusion about next steps, inability to locate campus resources, and much more. Make an appointment with a Success Coach today by emailing us or dropping by the Center. To have a Success Coach contact you, please click here.

Emergency Resource Support

Students who are facing difficulties with money, food, housing, or legal issues can work with our Emergency Resource Coordinators to access various resources and services, on and off-campus. Coordinators have in-depth knowledge of how to apply for and access these resources, and will walk students through the process, as well as answer questions to make the process go smoothly. All services are confidential. Some of these resources are listed on our Emergency Resources & Service page, but we encourage students to reach out to one of our Coordinators for a full list of resources and guidance with application processes. Make an appoint with an Emergency Resource Coordinator today by emailing us or dropping by the Center. To have an Emergency Resource Coordinator contact you, please click here.

Petrie Student Emergency Grant Applications

The Petrie Student Emergency Grant Program assists students coping with unexpected hardship so that they can continue their education at City Tech. The goal is to make sure that students are not forced to leave school because of emergencies beyond their control that might otherwise make it impossible for them to continue. Our Emergency Resource Coordinators can assist students in putting together their applications. Please reach out to Katherine for more information.

Student Skills Coaching

Many students find they need a little extra help when they start taking challenging college classes. Coaches in the Student Success Center help students improve their skills, such as: active reading, note-taking, studying, test-taking, time management, presenting, eliminating procrastination, and much more. Make an appointment with a Coach to work on your skills today by emailing us or dropping by the Center. To have a Coach contact you, please click here.

JumpStart Success

JumpStart Success is a workshop for students beginning their first semester of college at City Tech. Building on the information given to students during Orientation, JumpStart Success helps new students prepare for success in college by: assisting with the set up of important City Tech accounts and technology; assigning Success Coaches; facilitating a Learning Style Assessment complete with a corresponding study plan; introducing networks of support at the college; encouraging healthy help-seeking behaviors; discussing the key concepts of growth mindset and resilience; and combating imposter syndrome. Check your email for an invitation to JumpStart Success!

Coaching Workshops

If one-on-one coaching isn't your thing, come to one of our group workshops — and bring a friend! Our coaches run several workshops each month on common skills and topics that benefit all City Tech students. Check the monitors on campus or our Instagram for the most up to date information on our Coaching Workshops.

Academic Reboot @ City Tech

Academic Reboot is a comprehensive program that helps students who need support meet academic standards and get back on track. Students who are placed on Academic Alert, Academic Probation, Continued Probation, or have been readmitted to the college after appealing an Academic Dismissal, are eligible to participate in this program. The Academic Reboot Program includes: (Re)Boot Camp, an Individual Reboot Plan, a Learning Style Assessment and corresponding study strategies, a dedicated Success Coach, regular check-ins throughout the semester, registration guidance, engagement support, study group facilitation, SAP Appeal Assistance (for Financial Aid), and a semester-end celebration for successful participants. All students eligible for the program receive an invitation via email. If you think you are eligible, but did not receive anything please contact us

SAP Appeal Assistance

Students who struggle to keep their grades up, may eventually find themselves having difficulty maintaining their financial aid status. Federal and State regulations dictate that students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to continue receiving financial aid for college. Students in danger of losing their financial aid eligibility are given the chance to appeal the decision. Coaches in the Student Success Center are here to assist any student who needs help putting together their SAP Appeal submission. Make an appointment with a Success Coach today by emailing us or dropping by the Center.

Charging Stations

Phone on 1%? Tablet dead before a long class? Don't want to sit on the floor in the hallway just to plug in your device? Any City Tech student can drop into the Student Success Center to use one of our charging stations. We will even let you sit in an actual chair. No strings attached (just cords).

Study Group Facilitation

Many students want to study with classmates, but aren't sure how to make it happen. We can help! Students in search of study groups can give their information to the Student Success Center, and we will put together the group for you. Study groups can work very well for students who are struggling with the material OR just struggling to actually sit down and study. We will form study groups for any City Tech class where there is interest. Click here to fill out an interest form or drop by the Center.

Currently forming study groups for students in: MAT1190, MAT1275, and MAT1275CO.

If you are interested in any of the above services, or just have a question, contact us by phone (718) 260-5570, or email, or drop by the center on the ground floor of the Library Building G-18R.

Cuando el personal del Student Success Center (SSC; Centro de Éxito Estudiantil) contacta con el estudiantado, no lo hace una sola vez. El SSC se dedica a construir relaciones con cada estudiante para brindar un apoyo más integral. Los Orientadores y Coordinadores permanecerán con los estudiantes durante un incidente grave, un semestre o incluso a lo largo de toda una carrera universitaria. Algunos de los servicios específicos que ofrecemos se enumeran a continuación.

Entrenamiento individual

Apoyo de recursos emergencias

La solicitud de la beca Petrie para emergencias estudantil

Entrenamiento Estudantil

JumpStart Success

Talleres de Entrenamiento

“Academic Reboot” en City Tech

SAP Asistencia de apelación

Los estudiantes que se esfuerzan por mantener calificaciones altas con el tiempo pueden tener dificultades para mantener su estado de ayuda financiera. Las regulaciones federales y estatales dictan que cada estudiante debe mantener un Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP; Progreso Académico Satisfactorio) para continuar recibiendo ayuda financiera para asistir a la universidad. El estudiantado en peligro de perder su elegibilidad para recibir ayuda financiera tiene la oportunidad de apelar la decisión. Los tutores en el Student Success Center (Centro de Éxito Estudiantil) están aquí para ayudar a cualquier estudiante que necesite ayuda para organizar su presentación de apelación de SAP. Haga una cita con un Success Coach (Orientador de Éxito) hoy mismo enviándonos un correo electrónico a o visítenos en el Centro.

Estaciones de carga para teléfonos celulares

¿Celular con 1% de batería? ¿Su tablet murió justo antes de una clase larga? ¿No quiere sentarse en el piso del pasillo solo para enchufar su dispositivo? Cualquier estudiante de City Tech puede pasar por el Student Success Center (Centro de Éxito Estudiantil) para usar una de nuestras estaciones de carga para teléfonos celulares. Incluso te dejaremos sentarte en una silla física. Sin ningún tipo de ataduras (solo cables).

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