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Office of the Registrar

First Semester Student (Freshman & Transfer) Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) Policy

What is the First Semester Student (Freshman & Transfer) CR/NC policy?

This new flexible grading policy applies only to first-semester freshmen and first-semester transfer students. Under the new policy, after final grades are posted by faculty, students may opt to have one D or F grade in a course converted to a CR or NC grade. A grade of D will be converted into a Credit (CR) grade, and a grade of F will be converted into a No Credit (NC) grade. CR/NC grades will be removed from GPA calculations for that semester.

Eligibility Requirements

  • First-Semester Freshman & First-Semester Transfer Students only. Readmitted students are not eligible for the CR/NC policy.
  • Students must remain enrolled in the class for the entire term and a grade of D or F must be earned.
  • First-term freshmen with college credits earned through Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE), college preparatory programs including College Now, and/or coursework from non-accredited or accredited post-secondary institutions are eligible for forgiveness under this policy.

Information to know before opting into the policy?

  • Academic/Program Advisement - Students must seek guidance from academic advisors or major/program advisors to consider implications of the credit/no credit grade for specific courses relevant to future, career, graduate, or professional training requirements. To find your academic advisor, click here.
  • Financial Aid Advisement - Students should seek guidance from financial aid if considering the credit/no credit option to discuss implications on meeting financial aid requirements (for example, some scholarships may require a minimum number of credits to be taken each semester for a letter grade. Contact for more information.
  • Students who receive grades of "NC" are not eligible for the Dean's List for that semester.
  • The CR/NC policy will not override any department policies for student admission or progression. 
  • For students applying to degree programs that include grades awarded in prerequisite courses as part of their admissions evaluations, such as clinical programs, the admission evaluation will count CR/NC grades awarded under this policy as follows: any CR grade will be treated as a D and any NC grade as an F.
  • CR cannot be applied to courses where the minimum passing grade, or minimum grade required in any major is a C, and the student earns a D; the grade remains a D.  

Important Deadline Dates

The Registrar must receive the student’s CR/NC application by the deadline specified in the Academic Calendar, which coincides with the last day of late registration the following semester, per the table below: 

Summary of deadlines for applying for CR/NC grade change 

Semester D or F earned Deadline for CR/NC application, last day of late registration, the following:
Fall Spring
Winter Session Spring
Spring Fall
Summer Fall

Important Links

For information about the CUNY Credit/No Credit Policy in effect during COVID-19, please click HERE .