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Department Statement

City Tech offers a diverse, multicultural learning environment. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central assets of our program and our culture at City Tech. Students and faculty members come from more than 138 countries and speak over 85 languages. Venerable characteristics of the department are its demographic composition, comparatively low tuition, and respectful learning environment. This creates a wealth of students eager and motivated to enter and engage the profession. Including them in the discourse and practice of architecture in New York City can positively impact the well-documented imbalance of representation in the profession. The department further recognizes the value of these students' background, experiences, and stories. We deepen students' understanding of diverse cultural and social contexts by:

  • External Engagement: We engage a diverse set of external industry representatives and community stakeholders in the design studios.
  • Exploring Perspectives: Students are encouraged to research and present their cultural backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives and to translate that understanding into the design of unique built environments that equitably support and include people of different backgrounds, resources, and abilities
  • Encouraging Expression: We utilize peer and professional mentorship programs, structured internships, student clubs and student run publications to create space for expression and exploration.
  • Designing for Change: Offering required design studios that address and advocate for current social, cultural, environmental, and economic issues
  • World Architecture: Offering history / theory courses that explicitly study buildings from all over the world
  • Career Paths: Empowering students with financial literacy by offering a newly executed business minor at the college, accessible to all architecture students
  • Creating Student Voices: Developing our students' voices academically, professionally, and socially so that they can act for social justice in our urban community.
  • Scaffolding the Higher Education Pipeline: The department recognizes that equity requires an expansion of effective pre-college experiences for program applicants while maintaining connections with graduates. These pathways require continuous collaboration between academic and professional partners.

Long range planning includes curated exhibitions of multi-cultural practices and structures, panel discussions and debates on culturally relevant topics, and hosting community representatives to present local issues and plans.