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Trang M. Le-Chan

Director, Alumni Engagement and Development

16 Court Street
Suite 600
Brooklyn, NY 11241

Phone: 718-260-5006

Fax: 718-254-8553

Get Involved

If you wish to join the Alumni Association and stay connected with City Tech, you can contribute in a number of ways:

Secure donations through Network for Good


  • Consider serving on the Alumni Association board of directors or on a working committee
  • Host an Alumni Association event at your place of business
  • Volunteer to serve as a Class Agent, encouraging and developing support and involvement on the part of your fellow classmates
  • Volunteer to serve on your former academic department’s Advisory Commission
  • Volunteer for the City Tech Foundation's Annual Phonathon and Thankathon


  • In 2014, the City Tech Alumni Association (CTAA) launched the Alumni Career Network (ACN) mentoring program.
       To learn more about this program, click here.
       Want to join the program? Fill out an application:
  • Return to campus to make a special classroom presentation on developments in your professional field, career development, or other topics of interest and value to current students
  • Host a tour of your plant, office or other facility to groups of students pursuing careers in your professional field