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Trang M. Le-Chan

Director, Alumni Engagement and Development

16 Court Street
Suite 600
Brooklyn, NY 11241

Phone: 718-260-5006

Fax: 718-254-8553


I'm a current student. What happens to my City Tech e-mail address when I graduate?
Your City Tech e-mail address is yours for life. You'll be able to continue to send and receive e-mails after graduating. Just make sure to log in at least once a year or it will go dormant, in which case you will have to log in and follow a few steps to reactivate it.

Is the library available for City Tech alumni to use?
One of the many benefits offered to City Tech alumni is the use of our library and its internet access. Just show your City Tech Alumni Membership Card.

What are the other benefits offered to City Tech alumni?
Please visit our Benefits page to get a full list of benefits offered to alumni.

How can I get a new or replacement Alumni Membership Card?
You will need to fill out and submit a Keep In Touch form. Within a few weeks, you will receive your alumni membership card. You can call to confirm receipt of application at 1-718-260-5006

How can I change my address or other information?
If you have any updates, ranging from a name change to a new e-mail or snail mail address, you can help us keep your alumni record current by filling out our Keep In Touch form.

I attended but did not graduate from City Tech. Am I still considered a City Tech alumna/alumnus?
Yes. You are considered an alumna/alumnus if you successfully completed one full year at City Tech.

Where I can find job postings?
We post current job openings in various industries on our social media platforms. Please follow us on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest

How can I find/contact other alumni?
We take the privacy of our alumni very seriously, so we are not at liberty to forward contact information. We will however, contact the person you are looking for and notify them of your request. Just send us an email at
Please include the following information:

  • Your contact information
  • The full name, major and graduation year of the person about whom you are inquiring

How do I go about requesting my transcript or a copy of my diploma?
Here are your options:

I have lost my school ring. How can I order another one?
You can contact the ring vendor, Josten Rings. Please note that depending on when you graduated, there may be differences in the current design of the rings.

Josten’s Rings: 1-800-854-7464

Whom do I contact to make a donation or ask about a donation that I previously made?
All inquiries about donations should be directed towards the City Tech Foundation.
16 Court Street, Suite 600
Brooklyn, NY 11241