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Student Resources

If you are a student in need of advisement or other information, please click the Calendar tab and/or attempt to contact one of your major professors via email and/or consult the advising schedule posted in N-1012. You can find your advisor by opening the Who is my advisor?.

Important Information

  • If there is a hold on your record, it must be cleared by the Registrar or the Bursar before your registration can be processed.
  • Students must use their official Citytech email for all college business. The Business Department cannot answer personal questions unless you use your Citytech email address. For access and more information on your student e-mail account click here.
  • If you visit ANY City Tech office and/or speak with any advisor or other person at City Tech, you MUST print out and complete a Student Routing Slip BEFORE you come to the Business Department for additional information. If you are requesting that we deal with your issue via email, we still require the Student Routing Slip. In this case, please scan/photograph the completed slip and send the image along with your email. We cannot process your requests without this completed slip. Similarly, if WE send you to another office and/or advisor or other person at City Tech, we will sign your completed Routing Slip so you will have it to show that office/person/etc. This is very important because we want to avoid giving conflicting information. The routing slip will also document every encounter you have with advisors and other people. This way, there will be less ambiguity about your requirements, schedules, etc.
  • International students need to have their transcripts evaluated, approved, and certified in coordination with the IS Peer Advisement program. The department can only help with Business Department-specific issues AFTER that process is complete. Please click here to be paired with an advisor. For further information, contact Vanessa Villanueva, International Student Advisor by phone at 718-260-5509 or sign-up via email at

Registration Information

All current students will be notified of their registration appointment (the time and date you can start registering for classes) by City Tech email and you can also find your enrollment start date by visiting your Student Center in CUNYfirst.


How to find your enrollment date within your Student Center?

How to enroll in classes on CUNYfirst?

How can I access my degree audit?

Schedule of Classes

Foreign Language Placement

  • Students planning to enroll in a foreign language course at City Tech for the first time take a placement test to measure their degree of proficiency. The Program offers three levels of language instruction in Arabic, Chinese and French. Spanish courses include four levels of language instruction, including two upper-level courses in Spanish literature.
  • For further instructions, please see the Humanities Department Permission for Foreign Language Classes form.

How to evaluate your transcript and see how your current credits will transfer within the CUNY system, including City Tech. (Previously known as TIPPS).

  • If you are unable to resolve your issue using this PDF guide, please check out these useful tools for transfer students. If you still have questions or issues, please contact Lourdes Smith, Director of the Transfer Center, located in NG-08, Telephone: 718-260-5508, Email: NOTE: The Business Department can ONLY assist you AFTER the Transfer Center has evaluated your transcripts and ONLY for Business Department courses.

Note: The Business Department can not help with general issues of transfer credits. You must use this system first. You can find a variety of useful tools here. Only AFTER, if there are any special issues relating to Business Department-specific courses, should you approach the Business Department for additional guidance. In this case, you will need to complete a Student Routing Slip BEFORE you come to the Business Department for additional information.

Additional Information and Contacts

For additional information not found in above documents, Marketing students should contact Prof. Dixon, who can be reached at Accounting students should contact Prof. Singh, who can be reached at Any questions regarding the Business and Technology of Fashion program should be directed to the Program Director, Prof. Adomaitis. She can be reached at .

Advisement Schedule:


Advisors and Faculty:

Who is my advisor?

Faculty email addresses list

Transfer Opportunities for City Tech Business Alumni

To learn more about continuing your education at The City University of New York (CUNY), look at CUNY'S online Transfer Information and Program Planning System (CUNY TIPPS) at the following website:


If you are unhappy with your TAP situation, you have to file this form: (Note that you do NOT give this form to the Business Department; you have to submit it as per the instructions on the form. Be sure to carefully read the instructions.)

FEDERAL Financial Aid

If you are unhappy with your Federal Financial Aid situation and want to file an appeal, you have to file this form: (Note that you do NOT give this form to the Business Department, but have to submit it as per the instructions on the form. Be sure to carefully read the instructions)

OTHER Financial Aid Issues

For any other issues regarding financial aid, you must contact the Financial Aid Office directly, either in person or via email to Their hours and location, along with other information and forms, may be found here:

Interdisciplinary (ID) Issues

For questions about ID, please first visit the ID Information page here: If you still have questions, please contact our Department ID Coordinator, Prof. Denise Sutton, at

Writing Intensive (WI) Issues

For questions regarding WI courses and credit, please visit this page If you still have questions, please contact our WI Coordinator, Prof. Nazanin Hedayat Munroe, at


Information about Degree Requirement, including GenEd and Pathways details may be found here: ALSO, please consult the College Catalog in effect during the year you first entered City Tech AND/OR your Department Advisor: [Note that for some college policies, only the most current catalog applies.]


For questions about the Fashion programs and Internships, please contact our Department Fashion Director, Prof. Alyssa Adomaitis, at [Note that the Business Department does NOT currently offer any Internships outside of the Fashion program.]


For questions about the Accounting and Marketing programs, please see one of the Department Advisors. Their contact information may be found here:


If you have already spoken with your instructor and with the Department Chair and still wish to file a Grade Appeal, you have to file this form: (Note that you do NOT give this form to the Business Department; submit it as per the instructions on the form. Be sure to carefully read the instructions - you may need a Adobe PDF Reader to open this form.)


Most issues related to Registration and Records should be addressed to the Registrar's Office. They have an extensive website here: Important Forms may be found here:


Depending on the nature of your complaint, there are a variety of offices and procedures to be aware of. You can get started here: More information about filing complaints is here:

Visits to the DEAN's Office

The Business Department discourages impromptu visits to the dean's office. A visit to the dean is your right, but should only undertaken if you have exhausted the varying procedures listed on the Business Department webpage and/or if you have been officially referred to the dean by the Business Department. If you feel you require a meeting with the dean, please ask someone in the Business Department to complete a Student Routing Slip BEFORE you go there. You may find a blank form here: Of course, if you wish to complain to the dean about someone in the Business Department, you should go to the dean directly.

TUITION BILLS & Related Issues

For questions concerning your bill and/or refunds, please go directly to the Bursar's Office. The Business Department is not involved in student-related financial transactions of any kind.

Errors & Omissions

We have endeavored to supply you with accurate information. However, the regulations, policies, and rules of The City University of New York (CUNY) and the New York City College of Technology (NYCCT) are complex and evolving. Therefore, the contents of this webpage are provided for informational purposes only. The information/links/forms/etc. presented here may change without notice. Thus, students are advised to double-check everything, and consult the College Catalog and/or other official CUNY/NYCCT sources of information.


STUDY ABROAD information may be found here: [Note that students should make study abroad decisions only after discussion with a departmental advisor. Departmental advisors may be found here:]


E-PERMIT information may be found here:


Please visit the Office of Veterans Support Services webpage at