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Last day to file ePermit request: 8/21

Last day to Drop w/100% refund: 8/27

Last day to ADD a class: 9/3

Last day for ALL semester schedule changes: 9/3

Last day to opt-in for CR/No-CR grades f/Spring 2024 & Summer 2024 classes: : 9/3

Course Subs considered for Fall 2024 due in DARR: 9/4

Last day to drop a course for FINAL refund allowed (25%): 9/17

Last day to Change/Declare a Major/Minor for Fall 2024: 9/17

W for official withdrawal assigned; 100% obligation for Courses dropped: begins 9/18

WA grades assigned for Immunization non-compliance: 9/27

No Classes schedule: 10/2-10/4

Last day to complete Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 INC grades: 10/7

Filing Period for Fall 2024 Graduation: 10/7-12/6

Classes follow a Monday Schedule: 10/14

Course subs f/Fall 2024 submitted in DARR opens: 10/16

Spring 2025 Change of Major/Minor opens: 10/16

Informed of Midterm Grades: 10/25

PLAN WEEK: 10/28-11/1

LAST DAY to withdraw with a W grade: 11/6

Early Online Special Program Registration begins f/Winter & Spring 2025:(appt only) 11/7-11/8

Online Registration begins f/Winter & Spring 2025: (appt only): 11/11-11/15

Open Advisment begins: 11/15

Open House: TBA

Classes follow a Friday schedule: 11/27

Final Exam period: 12/15-12/21

End of Fall 2024 term: 12/21


All LAA/LAS degree seeking students will be assigned a faculty advisor, via text message and/or NYCCT email.

  • Undeclared students will not automatically be assigned a faculty advisor and should go to the Helpful Hints (see link above, located in the Logo box)

When contacting faculty advisors, make sure to identify your academic intent; the choices are outlined on pg. 1 of the Helpful Hints (see link above, located in Logo box)

If you are unfamiliar with the CUNY enrollment system, see the Student Registration control link above.

When contacting your advisor or the Arts & Sciences email, please include on the subject line your EMPL ID, if you are considering Summer/Fall registration, and academic intent. Examples:

  1. 2445xxx/Fall/Transition into Applied CHEM
  2. 2321xxx/Summer/Graduate
  3. 2412xxx/Fall/Transfer-Hunter f/Spring 2024

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