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Last day to file ePermit request: 8/21

Last day to Drop w/100% refund: 8/27

Last day to ADD a class: 9/3

Last day for ALL semester schedule changes: 9/3

Last day to opt-in for CR/No-CR grades f/Spring 2024 & Summer 2024 classes: : 9/3

Course Subs considered for Fall 2024 due in DARR: 9/4

Last day to drop a course for FINAL refund allowed (25%): 9/17

Last day to Change/Declare a Major/Minor for Fall 2024: 9/17

W for official withdrawal assigned; 100% obligation for Courses dropped: begins 9/18

WA grades assigned for Immunization non-compliance: 9/27

No Classes schedule: 10/2-10/4

Last day to complete Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 INC grades: 10/7

Filing Period for Fall 2024 Graduation: 10/7-12/6

Classes follow a Monday Schedule: 10/14

Course subs f/Fall 2024 submitted in DARR opens: 10/16

Spring 2025 Change of Major/Minor opens: 10/16

Informed of Midterm Grades: 10/25

PLAN WEEK: 10/28-11/1

LAST DAY to withdraw with a W grade: 11/6

Early Online Special Program Registration begins f/Winter & Spring 2025:(appt only) 11/7-11/8

Online Registration begins f/Winter & Spring 2025: (appt only): 11/11-11/15

Open Advisment begins: 11/15

Open House: TBA

Classes follow a Friday schedule: 11/27

Final Exam period: 12/15-12/21

End of Fall 2024 term: 12/21


All LAA/LAS degree seeking students will be assigned a faculty advisor, via text message and/or NYCCT email.

  • Undeclared students will not automatically be assigned a faculty advisor and should go to the Helpful Hints (see link above, located in the Logo box)

When contacting faculty advisors, make sure to identify your academic intent; the choices are outlined on pg. 1 of the Helpful Hints (see link above, located in Logo box)

If you are unfamiliar with the CUNY enrollment system, see the Student Registration control link above.

When contacting your advisor or the Arts & Sciences email, please include on the subject line your EMPL ID, if you are considering Summer/Fall registration, and academic intent. Examples:

  1. 2445xxx/Fall/Transition into Applied CHEM
  2. 2321xxx/Summer/Graduate
  3. 2412xxx/Fall/Transfer-Hunter f/Spring 2024

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Definition of Classes/Modality:

Person: D/E/W= day(s)/time/room. All required contact hours will be in person at a designated location

*Asynchronous: OL-02= totally online, course generally does not meet as a classroom (no specific day or meeting time)

*Synchronous: OL-01= class will be held with the professor via a virtual online meeting platform (specific meeting day(s) and time)

Online Mix: OL= a combination of synchronous meetings and asynchronous online work

Hybrid: H= partially online, partially on campus: when you see a day/time/room number, some component of course is held on campus

  • Hybrid Asynchronous: HD/E/W= combination of in-person and online. Online portions of course are asynchronous (see above) OL-02 + room #
  • Hybrid Synchronous: HD/E/W= combination of in-person and online. Online portions of course are synchronous (see above) OL-01 + room #
  • HyField: HF= combination of on campus with aspect(s) of the class requiring some form of field-based experimental learning (e.g. primary research, museum visits, internships)
  • HyFlex: HX= in-person classroom with the option to attend the course asynchronous/synchronously (teaching formats available varies, depending on the course)

*When registering, always check to see if the OL-01 or OL-02 course has an in-person exam requirement

*D/E/W=Where applicable, Day, Evening, or Weekend will generally accompany the modality and section number:

  • Dxx, Exx, Wxx, HDxx, HExx, HWxx
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ATTENTION: CUNY BA is hosting Spring 2024 virtual information sessions on these dates:

Wednesday, September 25th at 12:30 PM
Tuesday, October 8th at 3 PM
Thursday, October 24th at 12:30 PM
Monday, November 11th at 5 PM
Wednesday, December 11th at 2 PM

Interested students who would like the ability to tailor their degree to specific career and educational goals may sign up here.

While we do have limited on-campus hours, the fastest response to Liberal Arts and Sciences advisement is online. Just go to pre-advisement and get started.

Review Helpful Hints for mroe details about transitioning into another degree program.

Send all other questions to

An Associate degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences is a solid academic foundation that allows students to both begin and further their education. Our program is divided into 2 distinct fields of study: Liberal Arts & Arts (LAA) and Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS). These degree paths are different, so choosing the correct one should be based on scholastic strengths, alongside academic and professional aspirations. Identifying which program aligns with these goals ensures that students are on the right academic track and, thereby, receiving the best education possible. The Liberal Arts program is focused on providing a comprehensive education–one that ensures that our students take a variety of classes that will benefit their scholarly development and, just as importantly, open doors into the academic future they desire.

The focus of the Liberal Arts program is to make sure students gain knowledge in the essential core curriculum of General Education (Gen Ed). For students unsure of exactly what they want to major in or what profession they want to enter, Liberal Arts is the perfect starting point. Here, not only can a variety of courses be taken that will inevitably lead to an academic interest, but, just as importantly, the program helps to narrow academic and professional goals; doing this allows our students to decide which academic path best suits their needs: graduate, transition into another NYCCT program, or transfer to another campus. Once an academic outcome is determined, our students are provided with the course options and flexibility to fulfill requirements for Liberal Arts, as well as other degree programs they may be considering.

At NYCCT, Liberal Arts & Sciences encompasses knowledge derived from eight academic departments: African American Studies, Biology, Chemistry, English, Humanities, Mathematics, Physics, and Social Sciences. These programs provide a multitude of introductory and upperlevel courses that reflect the evolving canons of education, student interests, together with a complete educational foothold. Alongside our vast catalog of classes, Liberal Arts also offers electives; these electives are generally additional courses outside of the required core curriculum that allow students to pursue interests and/or take courses that can be applied to a transitioning program–which, in addition to the School of Arts & Sciences, includes classes from the School of Professional Studies or the School of Technology & Design.

Without a doubt, there are many advantages to earning a Liberal Arts & Sciences degree at NYCCT. As the college continues to grow, so does every department under the Liberal Arts umbrella. Graduates receive a balanced education emphasizing critical thinking, writing, research, and communication skills. To ensure that students receive the most competitive and marketable education possible, Liberal Arts & Sciences’ faculty are continuously developing new courses that reach into every arena of academia. As a result, students receive a foundation of classes that will help them become stronger scholars and, eventually, well-rounded professionals.

A Liberal Arts & Sciences degree is also an ideal starting point to transition into bachelor’s degree programs at NYCCT, or transfer options to other colleges. If students are interested in transitioning into another program at NYCCT during or after earning your Liberal Arts degree, please contact the Director of Liberal Arts and Sciences program, Dr. Julian Williams at Beginning Spring Semester 2021, each of our Liberal Arts & Sciences academic departments will offer either a college option, a minor, an associate, or a BS degree.

Another option for our students is the CUNY BA, where students can create their own inter-disciplinary degree. With the help of a faculty mentor(s), students are encouraged to shape a curriculum that utilizes classes from seemingly differing degree programs. Even more beneficial is that the designed curriculum can include various CUNY campuses; as such, choosing the best courses from all of CUNY becomes possible. Students interested in a self-directed, specialized degree should contact Dr. Williams at

No matter what students choose, know this: Liberal Arts & Sciences is designed around the premise that there is no such thing as a student who cannot succeed. Our program promotes a curriculum around multiple disciplines that, together, combine to nurture a complete student–various disciplines dedicated to constantly providing a quality educational foundation that is beneficial to all. Regardless of the reason for being in Liberal Arts, we are committed to offering an academic experience that prepares students for whatever is next.