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259 Adams Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Melany Chavez Ordonez
Student Life International Student Advisor


Room: Office G516 and G510

Phone: 718-260-5391

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Peer Advisement

The IS Peer Advisement program is a resource for prospective and newly accepted international students. The goal of this initiative is to enlighten, guide and familiarize individuals about New York City College of Technology. Throughout the college seeking process and before enrollment, the IS Peer Advisement program aims to provide you with personalized insight to make an informed decision. With the assistance of your assigned IS Peer Advisor you will have the opportunity to gain and successfully accomplish you academic aspirations.

Want to be an Online Peer Advisor or Advisee? Need more details?

Link-up today! For further information, contact Vanessa Villanueva, International Student Advisor by phone at 718-260-5509 or sign-up via email at