Help for Students with Academic Difficulties

The Counseling Services Center offers individual and group counseling to address obstacles that interfere with student success. We connect students to resources, help them identify goals and support them to meet their personal, academic and career objectives.

Understanding the Rules of the College

It is every student's responsibility to know and meet the college standards for maintaining good academic standing. Counselors can help students understand these academic policies and develop strategies to maintain or correct their academic status.

The required grades are detailed in the Academic Standards and Policy section of the college catalogue. If the required grades are not met, students are first put on Alert or Probationary status and given an opportunity to meet the standards in the following semester, or face dismissal.

Dismissal Appeals

If a student fails to meet the standards following a probationary semester, they are dismissed and can no longer attend the college in a degree-granting program. There is an appeal process that allows students to explain why they failed to meet the standards, and why those circumstances would no longer be obstacles to progress.

Before writing an appeal, consider the following questions:

  • What were the obstacles that prevented academic progress over the course of my enrollment?
  • Has something changed in my life so that I can devote myself more to my studies and not repeat a semester of poor performance?
  • Is this a better time to attend college and will I now be able to focus more on my studies? Yes or No
  • Am I prepared get to class on time, concentrate and study so that I succeed? Yes or No

If after self-inquiry, you can answer these questions affirmatively, please familiarize yourself with the process and deadlines in the College Calendar or visit the Counseling Services Center for assistance.

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