Instructional Staff Materials

Instructional Staff Multiple Position Reference Materials

New York State law and University policy require disclosure by faculty, as public employees, of certain information related to the performance of their duties and responsibilities as full-time members of the faculty. Policies and requirements are described more fully in documents provided at the bottom of this page.

While full disclosure is required of all compensated and uncompensated activities beyond a faculty member's regular full-time assignment, faculty need not report incidental uncompensated activities related to your membership in academic, political, religious, social, cultural, or charitable organizations, provided such activities do not require a significant commitment of time or otherwise constitute a conflict of interest with responsibilities at CUNY, or interfere with professional standing.

  • Outside work cannot exceed 1 day (7 hours per week) or its equivalent during the academic year.
  • Buyouts on grants administered by RF CUNY do not need to be reported, since RF has its own effort reporting processes.
  • All full-time faculty must submit the fall and spring multiple position forms, even while on leave.
  • Faculty must file an updated form if commitments change during the semester.

Departmental Appointments Committees (DACs) should conduct a thorough review of any outside activities, compensated or uncompensated, and verify they comply with the above multiple position regulations - Reference to this cap does not mean that authorization of this amount of time is required by the DAC. If you have any questions regarding the policy or need further clarification on any of its components, please call the Office of the General Counsel at (718) 997-5725.