About City Tech

President's Welcome

Russell K. Hotzler, Ph.D.
Namm Hall 319 (N-319)

Welcome to New York City College of Technology, of the City University of New York. You have landed at the website of the largest public, baccalaureate college of technology in the Northeast.

Your college years represent a precious opportunity to gather knowledge, personal strength and resolve for a future that offers unimaginable opportunities for those that have the fortitude to seize them. New York City College of Technology can provide you with these opportunities if you take advantage of the College's educational offerings and supporting services, and dedicate yourself to reaching your potential.

The College was founded in 1946, under the name "The New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences." The urgent mission at the time was to provide training to GIs returning from the Second World War and to provide New York with the technically proficient workforce it would need to thrive in the emerging post-war economy. No one in 1946 could have predicted the transformation the College has experienced. From its beginnings as an Institute — to being chartered as a community college in 1957 — and subsequently transitioning to senior college status during the 1980's — it has grown from serving 246 students in the class of 1947, to a population today of 17,400 students (about 6,500 in baccalaureate degree programs) and serving over 16,000 others who participate in the continuing education offerings of the College. Read More