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CUNYfirst for Students

Why is CUNYfirst important to me?

All student enrollment related activities will be within CUNYfirst. Please Claim your CUNYfirst account.

Getting Started In CUNYfirst
Student Center Summary
Course And Class Search
Student Finances
Financial Aid
Personal Contact Information
Holds And To Do List
Enrollment Verification And Transcripts

CUNYfirst Terminology

  • Empl Id - Replaces your Social Security Number in CUNYfirst. This is what will identify you as a student in CUNY. Know what your Empl Id is to receive services from Bursar, Financial Aid and Registrar.
  • Service Indicator - Is referred to what was previously called a Stop code. There can be negative or positive service indicators. Negative service indicators are those that will prevent you from doing an action like registering. Positive service indicators are for informational purposes or are there for administrative functionality.
  • Career - Is referred to as Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Program - Is your Degree type such as AAS, BA, Non Degree
  • Plan - Is referred to your Major such as CST or Accounting
  • Enrollment - Is referred to Registration or registering; You Enroll for a class.
  • Units - Is referred to as the Credits of a course.