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Dental Hygiene students obtain the practicum hours necessary for dental hygiene licensure at City Tech on campus in the patient care clinic.
All patient care is provided under the supervision of licensed Dental Hygienist and Dentist.
The City Tech patient care clinic provides oral health services to the surrounding tristate area.
The Dental Hygiene program encourages potential students to schedule a dental hygiene appointment and see the process of care provided to the community.

To schedule an appointment:
Call 718-260-5074 or email

Patient Care Clinic Hours are located here.


285 Jay Street
Academic Building 701 (A-701)
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Phone: 718-260-5070

Professional Role

  • The Dental Hygienist1

    The dental hygienist plays an integral role in assisting individuals and groups in achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. Dental hygienists provide educational, clinical, and consultative services to individuals and populations of all ages in a variety of settings and capacities.

  • Clinician1

    Dental hygienists in a clinical role assess, diagnose, plan, implement, evaluate, and document treatment for prevention, intervention, and control of oral diseases, while practicing in collaboration with other health professionals. Hygienist are employed in private dental offices, community clinics, hospitals, University dental clinics, prison facilities, nursing homes and schools.

  • Public Health1

    Public Health dental hygienist provide care to those who do not have access to dental care. Hygienists employed in public health settings include rural or inner-city community clinics, Indian Health Service, Head Start programs, school sealant programs Administrator, State public health officer, and Community clinic administrator.

  • Researcher1

    Research conducted by dental hygienists can be either qualitative or quantitative. Hygienist employed as researchers work in colleges and universities, corporations, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

  • Educator1

    Dental hygiene educators are in great demand. Dental hygiene educators are employed as clinical instructors, classroom instructors, Program directors, and corporate educators.

  • Administrator1

    Hygienist employed as administrators work as clinical directors, administrators in statewide sealant programs, Program directors, dental hygiene educational programs, Executive directors, State association staff, University research administrator, director of corporate sales.

  • Corporate1

    Hygienist are hired as sales representatives, product researchers, corporate educators, and corporate administrators.

  • Entrepreneur1

    Examples of business opportunities developed by hygienists include, practice management companies, product development and sales, employment service, CE provider or meeting planner, consulting business, Founder of a nonprofit, Independent clinical practice, and professional speaker and writer.



Student Resources

The following are links that contain useful consumer, professional and educational information related to dental hygiene and dentistry.

American Dental Association

American Dental Hygienists' Association

Crest International Resources

Our affiliation with industry professionals nationally, regionally, and locally affords our students the significant privilege of connecting with organizations for additional advancement opportunities. The following are some of our affiliations:

  • Second District Dental Society
  • Long Island Academy of Odontology
  • Johnson & Johnson Health Care Products
  • Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
  • Crest/Oral B Products
  • Phillips Sonicare
  • Orapharma
  • GlaxoSmithKline