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285 Jay Street
Academic Building 701 (A-701)
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Phone: 718-260-5070



Will have in-person and online advisement options available. Please email the advisor to schedule an appointment in person or online according to their schedule, or reach out to an advisor with your questions by email.

Please read carefully the frequently asked questions section below as this will answer many of the questions you might have.

Name Suite Contact Information Time
Dr. Christopher Bowers A702N (718) 260-4927
Monday: 1pm - 2pm (online)
Friday: 12:30pm - 1:30pm (in-person)
Prof. Anty Lam A702J (718) 260-5068
Monday: 9am - 10am (online)
Wednesday: 12:15pm - 1:15pm (in-person)
Dr. Gwen Cohen-Brown A702E (718) 260-8278
Tuesday: 11:30am - 12:30pm (online)
Friday: 12:15pm - 1:15pm (in-person)
Prof. Isis Marsh A702D TBA
Monday: 12pm - 1pm (in-person)
Tuesday: 4pm - 5pm (in-person)
Prof. Maria Dimino A702A TBA
Monday: 2pm - 3pm (online)
Thursday: 11:45am - 12:45pm (in-person)
Prof. Dora-Ann Oddo A702L (718) 260-4925
Monday: 5:30pm - 6:30pm (in-person)
Thursday: 4:15pm - 5:15pm (in-person)
Prof. Audra Haynes A702M (718) 260-5064
Monday: 1pm - 2pm (in-person)
Wednesday: 1pm - 2pm (in-person)
Prof. Khrystyna Vyprynyuk A701D (718) 260-5094
Wednesday: 1pm - 2pm (in-person)
Thursday: 10am - 11am (online)

PLEASE NOTE, applying to enter Fall 2023, the clinical Dental Hygiene program requires the following:

  • Meeting in person with a Dental Hygiene faculty advisor
  • Review of the progress towards completion of all pre-requisite courses
  • Review of CityTech student transcript (if student transferred from another institution, all transfer credits must be evaluated by the Transfer Office and grades/credits available for the advisor's review)
  • Calculation of the GPA in the required pre-requisites courses
  • Completion of DH advisement information form prior to April 17th, 2023

PRIORITY consideration will be given to students who complete their application by April 17, 2023 for Fall 2023 admission. All eligible applicants will be invited to a required information session which will be scheduled in late April/early May 2023 to explain the demands of the DH clinical program and associated fees not covered by financial aid. Attendance will be taken at the information sessions, students who attend the information session will be given consideration for admission before students with the same GPA who do not attend the required information session.

How to Apply for the Dental Hygiene Program

Degree Requirements


At least 1 course designated WI is required from Gen Ed Flexible Common Core.

Course Course Name Credit
*ENG 1101 English Composition I (EC) 3
*MQR Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning 3 to 4
*BIO 2311 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 2 (LPS) 4
*BIO 2312 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 1 (SW, WI) 4
*CHEM 1000 Principles of Chemistry or higher 4
PSY 1101 Introduction to Psychology1 (IS) 3
*SOC 1101 Elements of Sociology1 (IS) 3
COM 1330 Public Speaking3 3
COM 1320 Voice and Diction3 3

*We are currently using the GPA of the 21 credits in the six preclinical courses to rank applicants for admission into the dental hygiene program.

*Any course with a designation of “CR”, a “C” grade will be used in the calculation for the Applicants GPA

*Acceptance into the dental hygiene program is based on the GPA of the 6 required preclinical courses. A grade of “C” will lower the GPA of the preclinical courses and affect ranking.

Advisement FAQs

The process to apply for the Clinical Dental Hygiene program has not changed. All interested students should email to request an appointment with an advisor, students will be assigned to an advisor, and they will email you and answer your questions.

Students who do not have a strong biology background from high school need to take the prerequisite for A&P I which is BIO 1101. BIO 1101 can be covered by Financial Aid and TAP dollars if you are in the Associate of Health Science or Liberal Arts & Sciences majors. You may make a request to transfer to dental hygiene once you have completed 14 credits of the preclinical courses.

  • If in CUNYFirst, you are enrolled as AAS-DH, BIO1101 will not be covered by TAP.
  • The Dental Hygiene major requires A&P I and II for entry into the Clinical DH program. Some students who have a strong high school science background can skip BIO 1101 and take A&P I. Your science background was not strong enough to be eligible to enroll in A&P I, so you need to take BIO 1101.
  • One solution is to change temporarily to either Associate in Health Science or the Liberal Arts and Sciences program, your BIO 1101 will then be eligible for TAP. To make this change, click on the following link:
  • Once completed, send an email to: Switching to an Associate in Heath Science or Liberal Arts and Science will not impact your application to the clinical phase of Dental Hygiene, since you will still be evaluated based on your grade point average for the prerequisite courses independently of which program you are in.

Yes, all science courses (A&P I, II &CHEM) must have been completed within 5 years of acceptance into the program.

No, it means you are eligible for the preclinical courses. Once the preclinical courses are completed, you may be selected for the program.

NO, Dental Hygiene is a full-time program for both the day and evening program.

Yes, it is recommended that all students interested in entering the clinical dental hygiene program each Fall semester, should be enrolled the Spring semester prior to the Fall semester they plan to enter the program. Students not enrolled in the Spring semester prior to Fall semester, who try to transfer after the Spring semester (Summer) will not be considered for Fall admission.

Each year the class is selected after the final grades are submitted for the Spring semester. The entering class for the Fall Semester is notified within the first two weeks of June. Students taking summer school classes or planning to transfer over the summer will not be eligible for admission into the entering class Fall semester.

In the Clinical Dental Hygiene program, we accept a class one time a year starting in the Fall semester.

The Dental Hygiene Department does not recommend repeating courses. If you decide to repeat a course, then as stated in the admission selection process, the original course grade and the repeated course grade will be averaged into the overall GPA to determine the ranking of your GPA for the admission process.

There are several variables that determine which students are accepted each year into the program. The variables are (the number of applicants, the GPA of those applicants, as well as space availability).

If you have a GPA of 3.3 or higher, we encourage you to apply for the next class, however we will not know if you will be accepted until the 2nd week of June when all the Spring semester grades are in, and all the eligible applicants are placed in a ranking order from the highest GPA to the lowest GPA until all seats are filled.


Pathway to Clinical Dental Hygiene Program: