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Salimatou Doumbouya
SGA President

General Building 400 (G-400)

Phone: 718-260-5019

Campaigning Rules & Regulations

Student Governance Campaigning Procedures

  • Adhere to the Rules of Decorum
  • Candidates are responsible for their personal campaigning expenses
  • Student activity fees are not to be used for campaign purposes
  • Candidates are not permitted to accept funds from student organizations that receive SAF funds
  • All campaign materials must comply with the college’s rules and regulations
  • Candidates and supporters are NOT permitted to remove or post over opposing candidates campaigning material

Note: Failure to comply with any of these rules, may result in disqualification

Tips to Campaigning

  • Pinpoint your interests and ideas
  • Recruit a campaigning team of like-minded peers to help you market you and your platform
  • Use technology to self-promote (Make short videos and post on social media - Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.)
  • Survey student needs and think about out how you can help