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Plan Week

Spring 2024 Plan Week, March 19-26

Plan Week activities are designed to prepare you for advisement and registration for summer and/or fall and beyond, and to ensure you are taking the right courses and asking the right questions to stay on the path to graduation and achieving your future goals.

Keep reading to learn more and see how you can win prizes for participating in Plan Week

Plan Week Activities

To see your holds, log in to CUNYfirst and look at your Student Center. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see the holds area.

  • If it says “No Holds,” you're ready to go.
  • If there is a message there, you can click to look at the full holds list, and then click the specific hold to see a brief description of what the it means and which office to speak to for resolution.

Pay special attention to these areas:

  • FINANCIAL: Bursar, Library, Past Due, In-House Collections, etc
    • Bursar's office is open Monday — Friday from 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM in NG-06 (Namm, ground floor)
  • ADVISING: ASAP, ACE, SEEK, or other special program advising hold
    • Contact your program advisor
  • IMMUNIZATION: proof of required vaccinations for MMR or meningococcus
  • DISCIPLINARY or academic integrity hold

Follow up with your contact person for the case to see what needs to be done to resolve the hold before March 25.

Log into DegreeWorks and take notes on what you still need to complete your degree. Starting at the top of your screen with the DEGREE area, write down the answers to these questions and keep them handy for tomorrow's activity:

  • How many more total credits do you need?
  • How many more liberal arts and sciences credits do you need?
  • How many more Writing Intensive classes do you need?
  • Scrolling down, look at your Pathways section and, if it isn't already completed, write down at least two courses or group names (like Creative Expression) that you might want to take next semester.
  • Finally, look at your major area and write down the next few courses that you haven't taken yet.

The Academic Career Planner is a tool to help you visualize what classes you will take over time in order to complete your degree. If you have already started one, this is a good time to review the next two semesters to see if you want or need to make any changes to your plans.

  1. Download the pdf that's right for you — associate or bachelor's degree — and save it somewhere you'll be able to find again. You can download and save the planner as a clickable and fillable pdf file, or print and fill it in with pen or pencil. (Free printing is available in the library and G600, LG 18, and V217 computer labs.)
  2. Find your degree requirements on the college website. You can use the Sample Course of Study tab on the degree page to see the sequence of courses your department recommends. This is a great starting point for your personal plan, but you will probably need to make adjustments depending on what transfer, AP, or other credits you already had and the courses you're in this semester. Make sure to click on the classes to read the descriptions, prerequisites (courses you're required to pass first), and corequisites (courses you're required to take at the same time).
  3. Look for the first class in your plan labeled “Flexible Core,” “World Cultures and Global Issues (WCGI),” “US Experience in Its Diversity (USED),” “Individual and Society (IS),” “Creative Expression (CE),” or “Scientific World (SW).” Look up that category on the advising web pages and write down 1-3 courses you might like to take. Search the course number (example: AFR 1130) on the City Tech website to find the department page where you can read the full course description and sample course outline that describes the course in more detail.
  4. Using all of this plus the information you wrote down yesterday, fill in the next two semesters of your academic career planner — or more if you want to lay out the classes and timing that works best for you from the start to the end of your time at City Tech. As you fill out the planner, write down any questions that you have and save them for tomorrow's activity.
  5. You can enter your schedule for summer and fall 2024 right now! Log into ScheduleBuilder to pick the classes and times that work best for you, and save it on your favorites so you'll be ready to click “Enroll” as soon as you have access. (See the ScheduleBuilder guide here if you want more information.)

After your first semester at City Tech, you switch from having a STAR Center advisor to consulting with a faculty advisor in your department.

If you are in ACE, ASAP, EDGE, or SEEK, you should speak to your advisor there about your schedule, but you can also benefit from talking to a faculty advisor in your department about things specific to your major and careers in your field.

You can find a list of departments and how to contact faculty advisors on the advising site.

  1. Click to expand the section that is relevant to your major, and copy and paste or write down how to get in touch with your faculty advisor. This might be a specific name and email address or Zoom link, or it might be a place to fill out a form with your specific question to get matched with the right person, or it might be a table of faculty advisors with times and locations of availability.
  2. Decide on your next step to get in touch with an advisor and take action, whether that is setting yourself a reminder to attend in-person hours, sending an email, or submitting a form.
  3. Make a list of questions you want to ask your advisor when you meet. The list should include the questions you had when filling out your Academic Career Planner. Here are additional ideas for topics you might want to ask about:
    • Your skills, interests, and career plans, or intention to attend graduate or professional school
    • What track or electives in the degree might fit with your skills, interests, and future plans
    • A review of your Academic Career Planner, and any recommendations your advisor has
    • Whether the classes you want are likely to be available in a specific semester or summer session
    • Recommendations for clubs, activities, or projects that align with your interests
    • What area they conduct research in, and if they work with undergraduate researchers or could recommend other professors who do
    • Anything else relevant to your academic or co-curricular plans at City Tech and beyond!

This is the day to take the plan you made for the fall (and the summer if you're thinking of taking summer classes) and get your schedule. Log into ScheduleBuilder (see the guide here if you want more information), and click “Enroll”!

While you will continue to have access to register for new classes and change your selections until the end of add/drop each semester, it's best to register right away to make sure that you get the best class sections, days, and times for you before they fill up.

Register now to have the best chance of locking in your preferred schedule. Then bring it to your advisor who can review it and help you ensure the best fit for your planned college and future career.

As you put the finishing touches on your college plan, it's not too early to start preparing for your career.

City Tech's Professional Development Center can help you explore career options, choose a minor, and prepare for internships and your first job. Today, take a few minutes and explore what the Professional Development Center can do for you.

And if you are not already registered for Handshake (a network that connects you with employers looking specifically to hire college students) register and start your profile now to get personalized recommendations for jobs and events.

Have questions?

For help with registration — or any of the Plan Week activities — you can connect with experienced student peer mentors on Zoom. Join experienced students on Zoom to get real-time help with your questions and work with your own plan.

Date Location Time
Monday, March 25 Zoom Link 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Tuesday, March 26 Zoom Link 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Zoom Information:
Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 842 4073 9887
Passcode: PLAN2024

Enter to Win Raffle Prizes

BONUS: Participating in Plan Week activities offers you the chance to win great prizes like gift cards, City Tech swag, and the $200 grand prize! Fill out the response form (if you're asked to log in, use your CUNYfirst login name and password). Start the form at any time and save your progress each day to submit at the end of Plan Week when you have answered all of the questions.