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Student Life & Development

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Vanessa Villanueva

Manager of the Office of Student Life and Development

General Building Room G-516

Phone: 718-260-5391

Things to consider before becoming a PSI Member

What are some of the characteristics needed to become a PSIM?

Personal Characteristics



Critical Thinker


Knowledge Seeker

Goal Oriented

Team Player

Active Listener




Good Communicator

Effective/Dynamic Public Speaker

Specific PSIM Competencies Required

Challenging - The challenger encourages a student to go beyond their own level of comfort. They guide a student to take on activities that might initially seem challenging.

Pathfinding - Pathfinders will guide students to participate in activities and organize experiences to learn and grow. They help students look at the "bigger picture" when planning and selecting their pursuits.

Double-Loop Learning Focus - a double-looped learner is a person who, in the process of solving one problem, always learns strategies on how to solve other problems and prevents similar problems from reoccurring.

Managed Learning - This process includes the act of setting goals and being an active planner in establishing those objectives. Through intentional, frequent self-evaluation of performance, progress and following up on specific activities, a student learns to further their own development.


To qualify as a PSIM, you must:

  • Have completed one full-year or 30 academic credits at New York City College of Technology.
  • Be a full-time student for the current and upcoming semester for which you apply.
  • Be in good academic standing, with at least 2.5 GPA.
  • Have had some experience working or participating in student activities on campus.

Time Commitment



All positions under the PSI umbrella are part-time, seasonal positions and will be compensated in the following ways:

  • Professional Development Workshops/Trainings
  • Networking with NYCCT Faculty, Administrative Professionals and Student Leaders
  • Depending on your position description, you will be paid by stipend or an hourly wage