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Welcome to the Health Sciences Department

  Health Sciences - Advisement

For Academic Advisement, please visit the Advisement page.

General Information

We offer three degrees in the Health Sciences Department. To learn about these degrees, review the summaries for each (see below) and explore our webpages.

If after reading through the degree overviews you have questions, send an email to and include:

  • your full name
  • your EmplID, if you have one
  • area/major of interest
  • specific questions

For advisement, we recommend that students complete the following steps:

Step 1:
Review your degree audit and identify classes you need for your major that you have not yet taken.

How to access my degree audit:

Step 2:
Build a schedule by selecting classes that are "still needed" for your major and for which you have completed the prerequisites.

How to create a schedule with Schedule Builder:

Step 3:
After developing a preliminary schedule, email a full-time faculty member and include the following:

  • your full name
  • EmplID
  • current major
  • planned courses for the next semester
  • specific questions, if any

You may use the academic career planner to record your course options and share it with your faculty advisor.

How To Contact The Department

Please send an email to:

Academic Degrees Offered

The Health Sciences Department offers three degrees.

  1. The Associate in Science (AS) in Health Sciences degree gives students an understanding of the career possibilities in healthcare and how their particular interests fit into the range of occupations within the healthcare industry. This degree is open to the general student body and students may self-declare this degree as their major.
  2. The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Healthcare Policy and Management is open to all students in good academic standing and allows for continuation of studies beyond the AS Health Sciences degree. This BS degree prepares students for entry-level administrative careers that support the operations of healthcare facilities, government agencies, and related industries.
  3. The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Services Administration is a career development degree for individuals who already have significant background experience in healthcare. This degree is only open to senior-level students who hold at least an associate degree AND who are either licensed healthcare providers or individuals with the equivalent of two years, full-time upper-level work experience in a healthcare facility. This degree seeks to build upon the students existing credentials and work experience so that they may apply their skills to new occupational settings. Interested students may not self-declare this major; instead, they need to apply to the department and undergo a review of their credentials to determine if they meet the degree's entrance requirements.

The New York City College of Technology Department of Health Sciences represents the interest of a diverse student body. Its programs give students the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies needed for successful career mobility and diversification. The faculty, staff, and administration are committed to providing excellence in education through student focused active learning that promotes ongoing self-development, ethical conduct, and leadership. The Department's degrees offer a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for the rigors of employment, encourages their professional growth, and inspires a commitment to graduate education and lifelong learning.

According to the US Department of Labor, “employment of medical and health services is projected to grow 32 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations.” 1 Health Sciences is an interdisciplinary area of study that prepares students for employment within administrative occupations supporting healthcare and its delivery.

1. Occupational Outlook Handbook: Medical and Health Services Managers, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics