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Getting Started with Technology

CUNYfirst Account

Your CUNYfirst username and password can be used to access a variety of CUNY systems such as CUNYfirst, Degreeworks, Blackboard, Eduroam, Apporto.

Activate your CUNYfirst account

City Tech AD (Active Directory) Account

Use your City Tech AD username and password to access campus Wi-Fi networks and lab computers. First-time users should visit https://forgot.citytech.cuny.edu to set up their AD account. You will need to know your username and password to do this. More info.

City Tech Email

As a CUNY Employee, you are assigned a single CUNY M365 Email account with a City Tech specific email address. If you are affiliated with multiple CUNY campuses, then you may have multiple email addresses, but you would access the email account in the same manner.

Your CUNY M365 account will remain with you for the duration of your employment/affiliation with CUNY, however, your campus-specific email address will exist only for the duration of your affiliation with that specific campus.

To access your M365 Email account, you will need to use your CUNYfirst login credentials which will look similar to: FirstName.LastName##@login.cuny.edu (## being the last 2 or 3 digits of your EMPLID).

To access City Tech email, you must log in to your Microsoft O365 account. First-time users, look up your Username here. More info.

City Tech Wifi

Use this for most activities relating to Internet access. Log on with your City Tech AD username and password. This unsecured wireless connection is one you can access without an encryption security key.

SSID: CityTech-Wifi
SECURITY KEY: (no security key required)


This secured wireless network should be utilized ONLY when a secondary level of security is required in network communication. Access to College internal resources, such as servers and systems involving data, should be accessed through the secured network. All devices connecting to the secured network will be required to authenticate and adhere to device policies.

SECURITY KEY: (NewYorkCityCollegeOfTechnology)


You can use this network on most CUNY campuses. Log on to Eduroam using your CUNYfirst username and password.

Guest Wireless

While visiting City Tech, campus guests can connect to the unsecured network but must obtain credentials a described below:

Scheduled Event with Multiple Guests

  • The event host should submit the CUNY IT Help ticket requesting guest wireless accounts for X number of individuals for a particular event. The authentication credentials can be emailed to the guests or provided to the host.
  • If guests wish to connect to the secured wireless network, their device must adhere to the appropriate policy requirements. More info.

Temporary Visitors and Guests

Individual guests and visitors should be directed to the appropriate location. Student guests and visitors should be directed to the Student Helpdesk or Library to obtain on-the-spot wireless Guest credentials for accessing Library resources. Guests for Faculty and staff, Consultants, and other constituents should be directed to the Administrative Helpdesk, located in N901. Faculty guests during non-business hours should visit the Student Helpdesk or the Library for on-the-spot wireless Guest credentials.

How to Connect to City Tech Wifi

There are a variety of technology available in order to facilitate a hybrid working environment.

  1. Conferencing & Meetings
    1. Zoom — All City Tech employees have access to Zoom conferencing. Full time employees with have Zoom installed on their assigned City Tech computer. The computer should have a camera and microphone capability to facilitate synchronous conferencing. Zoom can also be installed on a mobile device such as Cell phone or laptop so as to allow conferencing capabilities while you are off-campus. More info.
    2. MS Teams — Through the CUNY M365 platform, MS Teams is available as a synchronous conferencing platform. MS Teams is not only provides conferencing capability, it facilitates chatting and file sharing through the OneDrive application. MS Teams is a CUNY-wide platform and therefore simplifies CUNY-wide conferencing and collaboration. MS Teams is also installed on all campus assigned computers and can be downloaded as an App for your phone or laptop. More info.
  2. File storage and file sharing
    1. One-drive
    2. Dropbox

Computer Access

Some departments have offices equipped with desktops for adjunct faculty. We recommend reaching out to your Chair or Office Manager for additional details and access.

The Faculty Resource Center (FRC) on the ground floor, is a versatile space featuring desktops for adjuncts, low volume printing, and four private cubicles available upon request.


For large-scale printing needs, we recommend visiting the Reproduction Services Center, conveniently situated in room NC-26.


The Instructional Technology and Technology Enhancements Centers (AtoL) provide comprehensive workshops and training sessions on key web tools commonly utilized by faculty, such as Blackboard and ePARSE.

All Faculty and Staff at CUNY have access to Premium Dropbox features. For additional information, please visit the following link Dropbox — The City University of New York (cuny.edu).

Things to keep in mind

To potentially expedite account access-related issues, the Administrative and Student Helpdesks, will ask for your EMPLID.

The CIS Media Services branch is dedicated to assisting Faculty members with any classroom-related technology issues.

All faculty and staff have access to the Office O365 suite of applications (ex. Word, Excel, PowerPoint). In addition, there is a variety of other software available to faculty and staff. More info.

Faculty/Staff HelpDesk

Desktop Support is provided to faculty and staff, for CUNY-tagged devices. The Administrative Service Desk provides services including, but not limited to hardware and software installation and troubleshooting, desktop setups, peripheral setups and support for College and University IT resources.

Contact the Helpdesk for general information and assistance relating to IT services and resources on campus:

Phone: 718-260-5626
Email: Helpdesk@citytech.cuny.edu

IT Service Catalog

The IT Service Catalog lists all technology resources available to all City Tech employees.

Visit the Technology Services website for updates on current IT projects, IT announcements and to access the IT service catalog.