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Namm Hall 1111 (N-1111)
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Articulation Agreements

Our department has agreements with the following schools wherein the listed degrees translate directly to one of ours or credits towards one of our degrees.

NYCCT/ Prog. Degree Transfer Institution Institution/ Dept. Degree Institution/ Prog. Date
Sending Institution
COMD B.F.A. CCNY Media & Communication Arts MPS Branding amd Integrated Communications January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2025
Incoming College Transfers
COMD B.F.A. BMCC Media Arts and Technology A.S./A.S. Multimedia Programming and Design Fall 2019
COMD B.F.A. BCC Art and Music A.A.S. Graphic Design and Illustration Fall 2018
COMD B.F.A. KBCC Art A.S. Graphic Design and Illustration Fall 2018
COMD B.Tech BMCC Media Arts and Technology A.S. Multimedia Design - Art Concentration Fall 2015
COMD B.Tech BCC Art and Music A.A.S. Digital Arts Fall 2015
COMD B.Tech KCC Art A.S. Graphic Design and Illustration Fall 2015
HS Programs
COMD B.F.A. A-Tech High School Digital Art Program 2020-2026
COMD B.Tech Innovation in Advertising & Media (IAM) H.S. 2011-2013
COMD B.Tech H.S. of Art and Design, Commercial Art 2013-2017
MOUs — Advanced Standing–Unions
COMD B.F.A. Bronx HS for the Visual Arts Graphic Design 2020-2025
COMD B.F.A. Francis Lewis High School Digital Design and Media 2020-2025
COMD B.F.A. High School of Fashion Industries Graphics and Illustrations 2021-2026
COMD B.Tech Brooklyn Studio Secondary School Commercial Arts program 2021-2026
COMD B.Tech Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School Graphic Arts Advertising program 2014-2019
COMD B.Tech Tottenville High School Advertising and Design program 2014-2019
COMD B.Tech Curtis High School Graphic Design program 2014-2019