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Academic Minors

An academic minor is a path of study designed to enable students to pursue a second field of specialization. Academic minors are intended to officially recognize students’ attainment of knowledge in more than one academic field and to encourage students’ goals of broadening their education across academic disciplines.

An academic minor requires a minimum of 12 credit hours. Academic minor requirements must be completed with a 2.0 grade point average or higher. At least 50 percent of these credits must be taken at the college.

Students pursuing an academic minor should consult the Minor Coordinator or Chair in the appropriate department as early as possible. Students are encouraged to declare an academic minor no later than successful completion of 60 credits, in order to fulfill requirements for their academic minor and their major within 120 credits. After consulting with the minor coordinator or chair, students must declare an academic minor by completing the Declaration of Academic Minor Form and submitting this form to the registrar.

Students filing for graduation must consult with the minor coordinator or chair, complete the Validation of the Academic Minor form, and submit this form to the registrar. Successful completion of an academic minor will be conferred at the same time that the degree is conferred and will be noted on students’ official transcripts.

Note: Academic minors may not be conferred retroactively upon students who have already graduated. Only one academic minor can be pursued per baccalaureate degree.

Academic Minors