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Adjunct Workload Management Office

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300 Jay Street
Namm Hall, N 304
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-260-5565


AWMO Operations

During the conversion to distance learning due to COVID-19, please reach out to us with your questions and concerns via: We should get back to you within 48 hours during normal business hours.


Welcome back to the Spring 2023 semester! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We are continuing to operate on the 70% work schedule. If you have any questions regarding returning, please refer to the “Getting Back to Working in Person and Learning on Campus — Frequently Asked Questions” link.

The Adjunct Workload Management Office supports and assists in the administration of adjunct workloads and courses taught by adjunct faculty.
The quality and integrity of educational programs at New York City College of Technology is our shared responsibility. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Due to COVID-19, there are limited evening in-person (see office schedule below) and no weekend in-person hours at this time. The office is open Monday - Friday during extended business hours. AWMO staff provide information on course meeting times and locations, record and post information about canceled sections/field trips and collect attendance sheets when faculty are not available. The manager is available to answer basic questions about the College's policies and regulations and to refer students and faculty to other services. Only in cases of extreme emergency will an office representative attempt to deliver messages to students attending evening classes.

AWMO Spring 2023 Office Hours

Day Start Time Closing Time
Monday 8:00 AM 7:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM 7:00 PM
Wednesday** 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM 7:00 PM
Friday** 8:00 AM 6:00 PM

Any questions, please email us @
** On Wednesday and Friday from 5 PM to 6 PM, an AWMO staff member will be available remotely.


Most City Tech IDs now scan successfully at the turnstiles, and you do not need to show a Cleared4 pass. *This applies to those who have uploaded vaccine information to CUNYfirst. Other entrants will need to display a Cleared4 pass.


Please refer to the Spring 2023 COVID Plans.

If you feel that you have been exposed or were in close contact with someone that has the virus, please complete the Conronavirus COVID-19 Reporting Form.

Refer to Registration and Upload Guide — COVID-19: Documentation Requirements for CUNY Visitors, Contractors and Vendors if you need help registering with Cleared4.

New Information


  • Adjunct CLT and Non-Teaching: December 25, 2022 — January 21, 2023
  • SPRING 2023

    Adjunct Faculty:

    • January 25, 2023 — May 23, 2023
    • Adjunct CLT and Non-Teaching: January 22 — May 27, 2023

    NOTE: A person appointed to a non-teaching adjunct or adjunct CLT title may be permitted to work during the period between the end of classes in the Fall semester and the start of the Spring semester for a total of 75 hours above the 225-hour semester limit, which additional hours will not be counted toward the adjunct's workload in either the preceding Fall semester or the subsequent Spring semester. (Note: On the rare occasion where you have an adjunct with both a teaching and an NTA assignment, the 75-hours for winter session do not apply.)