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300 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-260-5874

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have an appointment for tutoring, and it must be made no more than 10 days in advance to at least one hour before the tutoring session. If you prefer to meet with a tutor on a regular basis, you can ask the tutor if this is possible and make the proper arrangements, but the maximum number of sessions is three (3) per week.

You will need to let the tutor know the type of assistance you are looking for. If the tutor can assist you, the tutoring session can begin.

All City Tech students currently enrolled in courses. Tutoring is an important part of the learning process and can help students at any stage.

Tutors usually help students for 30 minutes; however, this may be extended depending upon the need and availability. You should plan to return.

You will work one-on-one with a tutor who will ask you questions about your needs and goals for the session. It will be extremely helpful if you have something to work on such as an assignment, a worksheet, a graded test, or a work in progress. Tutoring works best when you access the services online multiple times throughout the semester.

Tutors will not do your work for you or “fix” or “correct” your coursework. Their job is to help you learn the material better, and that means you must be willing to participate and work together. Learning takes time, so you should not expect to leave a single tutoring session with a complete understanding of a concept or completed assignment. Instead, you should decide on a few main goals for the session and work on accomplishing them. You can always come back with a new set of goals for the next visit!

You may utilize the tutoring services three times a week. We encourage you to access the online services multiple times throughout the semester to obtain the best results. Remember, the tutoring service gets busy at certain times of the semester (before midterms and finals for example). Planning ahead is the best strategy.

You can access the online tutoring as soon as the new tutor schedules are posted at the beginning of each semester. It is best to log-in early and often if you really want to learn and improve. Try to access our tutors as soon as you find that you are having a problem understanding anything about your coursework. If you wait until the last minute, you will not have enough time to do your best!

Our tutors can work with you one-on-one.

Each session has a review of a difficult topic in your course followed by a Q&A session. Five or less students meet with a tutor for 45 minutes, followed by a Question-and-Answer period for 15 minutes.

You should have in front of you your class notes, textbook, and any assignments or graded tests you need help with.

Tutors are only available during the times that they are scheduled during the week. Please refer to the tutors’ schedules for days and hours when they are available.

Biology and mathematics tutoring are offered only on days when classes are scheduled.

Tutoring is not available during weekends or holidays when the college is closed.

Attendance reports will automatically be provided to your faculty member and/or program staff.

Office hours are scheduled times that professors set aside to meet with students. Professors make themselves available at certain times for a few hours a week, and students can contact their professors to ask questions, discuss concepts from class, and obtain assistance on homework and assignments.

We recommend that you first review your syllabi to find out if and when the faculty members’ office hours are scheduled.

It is always a good idea to have your professors’ schedules handy and know how and when they can be contacted, especially if you have questions or are confused about an assignment or class concept. We recommend that you ask your professors questions AND to access the ALC online tutoring throughout the semester.