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Office of Assessment, Institutional Research, & Effectiveness (AIRE)



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Student Evaluation of Teaching

One of the most important types of assessment that takes place at City Tech is the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) that is conducted every Spring and Fall semester. Gathering and analyzing student feedback has been and always will be an important part of improving instruction and student outcomes.

City Tech has partnered with Scantron to administer our SET Evaluations. Starting with the Fall 2020 semester, City Tech has moved the SET process completely online.

Student Evaluation of Teaching Response Rates

  • Current SET response rates can be viewed here

Procedures for Student Evaluation of Teaching

  • Students will be sent links directly via their City Tech emails to complete the SETs.
  • Students will receive a separate email and link for each of their enrolled courses.
  • We recommend course instructors to set aside 10-15 minutes during class time for students to complete the SETs; or post a reminder for students to check their campus emails and fill out the evaluations in asynchronous courses.
  • Course instructors must not be in the room/meeting while the evaluation is taking place.

Information Regarding the Email

  • The sender name on the emails is: NYC College of Technology Course Evaluations
  • Emails are sent from the address:
  • SET student email example: SET Student Email Example
  • For the majority of students, this email will be sent directly to their City Tech emails.
    • For students whose main campus is not City Tech, please make sure you check all of your CUNY email addresses.
    • For students who have not claimed their City Tech emails, instructions can be found here.
  • A series of two reminder emails will also be sent to students.
    • Once a student has completed a survey they will no longer be sent reminders for that particular course.
  • SET Survey Questions for Reference

Spring 2024 Important Dates

  • The final Master Course File will be pulled from CUNYfirst on March 31st.
  • Regular Length Courses:
    • SET Forms are scheduled to go out on April 22nd and close on May 15th.
  • Short Length Courses:
    • SET Forms for short courses ending before May will be administered two weeks before the end of that course.

Instructions for Course Instructor

Current Reports and Requesting Historical Reports

  • Current reports:
    • Will be sent to instructors by CIS after reports are prepared after each semester.
    • Instructors will receive a separate email for each of their course sections.
    • These email links will expire within 30 days of delivery.
    • Department chairs will also receive a copy of all SET reports for their department.
  • Requesting Historical Reports:
    • To request historical reports, please reach out to your department chairs for a copy of your report.
    • If you are unable to retrieve your historical SET reports from your department, please reach out to us at the AIRE Office for assistance.

Contact Information

Please direct any questions, comments, or feedback to: