Academic Advising

Degree Requirements and Sample Course of Study

Degree Requirements

The degree requirements for your major include all of the boxes you have to check and specific courses you need to take to graduate (found in the catalog). Of these, the most important are:

  • Specific courses or categories of courses required
  • Overall number of credits: at least 60 for an associate degree and at least 120 for a baccalaureate degree, although a program may require more if there are licensing or accreditation requirements (Note: To earn academic honors, you must take a minimum number of credits on campus at City Tech: at least 34 credits for an associate degree, and at least 60 credits for a baccalaureate degree. E-permit classes do not count toward the total.)
  • Overall number and required categories of general education courses: See the General Education pages for more information

You can also add an optional Academic Minor to your degree to specialize in a second area of study. Please see the Academic Minors page in the catalog for more information and a complete list of available areas of study.

Sample Course of Study

The sample course of study tab contains a suggested semester-by-semester planner that helps clarify how to graduate in your desired major in two or four years. Use it as a base to adapt for your needs—whether that means accounting for classes you already have AP or transfer credit for, or spreading it out longer if you're a part-time student.

Use these maps with the degree requirements (found in the catalog) and DegreeWorks to discuss your academic plan and course selections with your advisor. Each student’s specific program of study will look a little different, but this can be a starting place that helps you take all requirements into account. Design your specific map using the Academic Career Planner and use it when talking with your advisor to outline your academic path to graduation.