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About College Now

College Now is CUNY’s largest collaborative program with the New York City secondary public school system. The program offers dual enrollment and college-readiness programs in more than 400  NYC high schools and enrolls over  20,000 students annually. In all, there are seventeen campus-based College Now programs which are overseen by a central office. Although the program varies from school to school and campus to campus, they are similar in terms of overall structure, implementation and goals.

The goal of College Now, much like many dual enrollment programs, is to help students meet high school graduation requirements and prepare for success in college, both academically and socially. In addition, program administrators have designed program activities with the goal of enhancing performance on Regents and CUNY placement exams so that students will be able to enroll in college without the need for remediation.

A variety of studies have shown that College Now participation leads to better college outcomes, including college enrollment, retention, credit accumulation and GPA. College Now - and dual enrollment in general - has been the subject of a handful of quasi-experimental studies. In addition, College Now partnerships help school leaders, teachers, and counselors learn more about the realities of college-level study for their students. Students report that College Now gives them an understanding of what college looks like, thereby addressing some of the social-emotional aspects of college and "College Knowledge "elements highlighted in prominent college transition research.

Participating in College Now can provide important information and an understanding of college while students are still in high school. Students who qualify can start taking College Now courses for college credit, experience the intellectual challenges of college work, and earn credits that might transfer-all without paying costly university tuition. College Now students are able to tour a college campus, interact with students and professors, and find support in a community of high school students who are going through similar life decisions. By providing preparation for college, the program increases a student's range of choices after high school graduation.

Our goals are to increase students' awareness of the demands of higher education, prepare them to enter post-secondary education without remediation, and facilitate a smooth transition between high school and college.

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