College Now

About College Now


College Now, a FREE college transition program for NYC DOE high school students, started in the spring of 1984 at Kingsborough Community College with 449 students. In 2000, a partnership was formed between CUNY and NYC DOE to expand to 17 CUNY undergraduate colleges, and today 22,587 students from over 470 NYCDOE high schools participate in College Now.

Over 40% of College Now students are in the academic mid-range as defined by their ELA Regents score. College Now is a diverse program, with 35% of students identifying as Hispanic, 21% identifying as Black, 21% identifying as Asian, 17% identifying as White and 6% identifying as other.


CUNY's College Now program empowers NYC DOE high school students to raise expectations for their future, envision options, make informed choices about college and learn how their education can lead to rewarding careers.


The goals of the program are to help students earn college credits or become college ready before graduating from high school and to learn about college and career process and access.

The main program offerings fall under these goals:


Earn college credits before high school graduation

College credit courses: pre-requisite courses AND no pre-requisite courses


Become college ready before high school graduation

Academic college prep courses: college dev ed (0-credit) courses AND pre-college courses AND college readiness brush up courses/workshops


Learn about college and career process and access

  • College and career awareness and access courses: first year seminars AND student development courses
  • Campus Visits


Successful College Now students can start their first semester in college with up to twelve college credits, or at minimum start college without remediation. On average, when compared to students who didn't participate in College Now, College Now Alumni transfer more credits to CUNY (6.0 vs. 1.6) earn more credits in their first semester (11.7 vs. 9.1), and have a higher GPA after their first semester (2.71 vs. 2.18). The academic momentum they gain seems to stay with them because College Now alumni have an eight percent higher three-year associate degree and six-year bachelor's degree completion rate in CUNY than those who didn't participate in College Now.

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