Enroll in a Summer Session at City Tech and Turn Your Summer into Academic Progress

Summer Sessions at City Tech offer you various opportunities, such as accelerating academic progress, catching up on coursework, regaining eligibility for financial aid, or enrolling in courses that were previously unavailable due to seat limitations during the academic year.

Visiting/Non-Degree Students

Visiting/Non-Degree Students

Dive deep into our curriculum to get the best of what City Tech has to offer from our wide-ranging courses. Acceptance into the college does not guarantee that your desired course(s) will be available or eligible for non-degree students. Register for your courses through CUNYfirst.

Before registering for summer courses, visiting students must ensure they have fulfilled all necessary prerequisites and verify with their home institutions. Additionally, visiting students are required to apply for Non-Degree Admission to enroll in summer courses.

To confirm if the credits are transferable, it's encouraged to consult your home institution. Visiting students should reach out to their academic advisors or the appropriate department at their school. They can provide detailed information about the transfer process and any specific requirements for transferring credits from NYC College of Technology to their home institution. Additionally, visiting students may need to provide course descriptions, syllabi, and other relevant documentation to facilitate the credit transfer evaluation. It is important for visiting students to proactively communicate with their home institution to ensure a smooth credit transfer process.

Current City Tech Students

Incoming Freshman

Incoming Students

Partner up with our highly trained academic advisors to ensure you select the right courses

Contact New Student Advisement/Registration via email at: Advisement4u@citytech.cuny.edu or 718-260-2013.

New Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Enroll in a Summer course once your enrollment appointment date and time are displayed in your CUNYfirst Student Center.

Register yourself or meet with a faculty advisor and departmental advisement page.

ePermit/Non-CUNY Permit Students

ePermit/Non-CUNY Permit Students

Whether you're a fellow CUNY student or a non-CUNY student, get permission to enroll in courses at City Tech.

Note: These courses require approval. Each permit request is for a single course and its equivalent.

Please note we are offering classes in the following modalities:

  • In-person (all classes are held on-campus)
  • Online (all classes are remote)
  • Hybrid (online and in-person)

City Tech is offering two Summer Sessions

Session I Session II
4 weeks (4W1)
May 29 th – June 26 th
5 weeks (5w2)
July 8 th – August 10 th
5 weeks (5W1)
May 29 th – July 5 rd
7 weeks (7W1)
May 29 th – July 18 th

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