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Public Safety

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300 Jay Street
Namm Hall 109 (N-109)
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-260-5550

In Case of Fire

Use the Fire Alarm Pull Box. Fire Alarm Pull Boxes can be found next to fire stairs and elevators and dial 5555 (Public Safety) or 9-911

  • Provide your name, location and telephone number
  • Provide the location of the fire
  • Provide information on the number of persons trapped (if any)
  • Provide information on the number of persons injured (if any)

Remember the following:

If you or someone else is on fire – Stop, Drop and Roll

  • Evacuate using the NEAREST FIRE EXIT
  • Do not use the elevator unless instructed
  • If you find yourself in a smoke filled environment “Stay Low & Go”
  • A fire can double in size every thirty seconds, so speed is essential
  • Identify the correct type of fire extinguisher depending on fire
  • Never attempt to put out a fire with your back to a wall – always leave yourself a way out
  • Never re-enter the building unless instructed

Be prepared:

  • Locate the fire extinguishers in your area
  • Learn evacuation routes

Special Fire Safety Instructions for Faculty/Staff

Faculty members in class should make themselves aware, each semester, of the nearest Fire Exit for each classroom in which they hold a class.

If a fire, smoke or other imminent emergency condition exists while a faculty member is conducting class, the faculty member should direct the students to the nearest Fire Exit, assuring that all students have evacuated before following.

In fire/smoke conditions, it is the responsibility of all faculty and staff members to assist Fire Wardens in the evacuation of students by directing them to the nearest Fire Exit.