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Welcome to the Department of Physics

Physics is an essential component in the education of a scientifically literate individual in an advanced society. The study of physics gives the student an opportunity to learn the fundamental theories that will be needed to explore how the world functions as well as the discoveries behind technological advances.

The department offers courses in physics, astronomy and general science where students develop an appreciation and understanding of nature and the underlying laws which govern our universe. Coursework develops comprehension of basic physical principles, competence in using logical procedures in problem-solving and an awareness of historical advances and future potential in the field of science.

Courses offered in the department serve the needs of the entire College community. Specific courses are required in some degree programs. Students may use courses offered by the department to satisfy the general education science requirement or as electives. Students who have taken or are taking calculus are encouraged to take PHYS 1441 and PHYS 1442 rather than PHYS 1433 and PHYS 1434.