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Congratulations to ALL of the 2022 Graduates!

The faculty and staff of the Chemistry Department are very proud of our 2022 Graduates.

This year the following students were recognized for their academic achievements at Honors Convocation.

Applied Chemistry (Bachelor of Science degree): Ekaterina Tripolsky and Chaoqun Pan

Chemical Technology (Associate in Science degree): Ummay Salma and Stephanie Guerrero

The Dr. Joseph W. Rosen Memorial Award will go to Gramos Kelmendi

Chemistry is at the heart of understanding the world around us. The biological process by which plants transform light into food is chemistry. The combustion that leads to global warming is chemistry. The experiments performed to analyze crime scene evidence are chemistry. Because chemistry is central to so many science and non-science fields, a degree in chemistry opens the door to a variety of professions. These include those you would expect like medicine, environmental science, and research and those you would be surprised by like agriculture, technical sales, and forensics.