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Our Campus

City Tech Campus

City Tech is located at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, adjacent to the Metro Tech Center academic and commercial complex. The campus is a two-minute walk from bus and subway lines serving the Downtown Brooklyn area.

Located at MetroTech Center in Downtown Brooklyn and a two-minute walk from all public transportation facilities serving the area, City Tech is a member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Brooklyn Council and the MetroTech Business Improvement District as well as an active partner in the economic renaissance of the borough. Its academic, adult education, and business and community assistance programs are widely recognized throughout the private and public sectors as integral to the development of a highly skilled workforce throughout the region. Located in what is increasingly referred to as Brooklyn's "Research Triangle," City Tech is a resource for the many high-tech innovation companies that have opened in recent years.


All rooms in the Atrium building now carry the prefix "L" (Library Building). If you have a 'L' on your class schedule, that class will be located at the Library Building (former Atrium Building). View campus map.

If you have an 'A' on your class schedule, that class will be located at the new Academic Complex. View campus map.

The New Academic Complex

City Tech launched the Fall 2018 semester with the opening of the new academic complex, an academic complex of approximately 350,000 square feet that will house programs in the sciences and health-related areas. For the first time, these growing programs will have teaching and laboratory space built specifically to meet their needs. It will provide attractive, modern space to a rapidly growing college.

Voorhees Building

The College's Voorhees Building, the center for the engineering technologies, has recently received a makeover, changing it into a sleek icon of the Information Age. The new face of the building now makes clear that it is a place where you can create the future and can learn the technological skills necessary to thrive in it. Coupled with the recent renovation of the Namm complex, where the majority of our classrooms are located, the new and renovated space will allow City Tech to serve the ever-increasing number of prospective students who recognize the extraordinary value of a City Tech education.