Applied Mathematics — Student Success

Applied Math internships are essential to our students. Below are samples.

Hosting Agency Title
Accenture Data Analyst Intern
Salesforce Administrator
ViacomCBS IT Analyst Intern
Noaa-Crest Research assistant analyst
NYC Human Resources Administration / Adult Protective Services Quality Management Analyst
Eyal's llc Data Analyst
Harrison Baby Products LLC Data Analyst
The New York Federal Reserve Bank Data Scientist
Stats In Med Statistical Programmer
CANVS Data Scientist
Quantranalytics Investment Architecture
Caso Document Management Business Analyst
Adobe Software Development
Oakridege National Laboratory Research Assistant
NOAA Crest Research Assistant
Microsoft Research Data Science Summer Program
Center for Disease Control Research Assistant
Neighborhood Housing Services Budget Analyst
Long Island Rail Road Systems Engineer
US Trust/Columbia Management Financial Analyst
State Farm Insurance Quality Control Assistant
NASA Glen Research Center Research Assistant

Internships lead to employment. Some employers of our graduates:

Hosting Agency Title
Accenture Data Analyst
Quantranalytics Investment Architect
Audi (autonomous car division) Software Engineer
NY Fedearal Reserve Bank Data Scientist
CANVS Data Scientist
Memorial Sloan Kettering Business Analyst
Fannie Mae Project Analyst
Jackson Lewis Data Analyst
LIRR Systems Engineer
Consolidated Edison Business Associate
United Health Group Analyst

Applied Math majors can continue their education in Masters or Ph.D programs.
Programs attended by our graduates include:

Institution Degree
CUNY Graduate Center MS in Data Visualization and Analysis
CUNY Graduate Center Data Science (MS)
NYU Computer Science (MS)
CUNY Graduate Center Staistics (Ph.D.)
Columbia University Applied Analytics (MS)
NJIT Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.)
Saint Louis University Biostatistics-Epedmiology (MPH)
George Washington University Medical School
Univeristy of Pittsburg School of Medicine Global Public Health (MS)
Cornell University Financial Engineering (MS)
Columbia University Actuarial Science (MS)
Queens College Applied Mathematics (MS)
Virginia Tech Computer Science (Ph.D.)
SUNY Albany Atmospheric Science (Ph.D.)