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Healthcare Policy & Management/BS

Healthcare Policy & Management/BS

The BS in Healthcare Policy and Management accommodates students with diverse interests in health care while supporting their entry from a variety of backgrounds—high school, associate-level degrees, and career paths transferrable to healthcare operations (e.g., hospitality, business, law). It prepares students with minimal or no healthcare experience to enter a robust labor market in healthcare planning, operations, and policy, as well as to pursue related graduate studies.

Health Services Administration/BS

Health Services Administration/BS

The bachelor of science (BS) in Health Services Administration prepares you to enter the challenging and fast growing profession of health service management.

Health Science/AS

Health Science/AS

The degree gives to students an understanding of the career possibilities in healthcare and how their particular interests fit into the range of occupations within the health care industry. Students seeking admission or transference into this degree must meet the respective standards established by the College.