Meet the Chair

Ivana Radivojevic Jovanovic
Academic Building 516 (A-516)

The chemistry department's principal responsibility is our teaching and your learning chemistry. We design our curriculum to integrate the principles and methods of scientific processes with hands-on experience with chemicals and the observation and measurement of chemical reactions. This department has assembled a particularly fine collection of research instrumentation; ours is possibly the best-equipped undergraduate chemistry program in the New York area.

A second goal of the chemistry department is to connect our education and our students to career opportunities in the applied chemical sciences. Such opportunities in the New York area have changed profoundly in the last decade, so the department works with an alert Advisory Board, comprising representatives of important chemistry-based employers to continually refine our course offerings and to establish internship opportunities that shorten the distance between education and careers.

A third piece of the department's mission is research in chemistry. Chemistry is now, as it has been since its inception in the modern era, an increasingly sophisticated body of knowledge and a science that actively seeks to develop new understanding and insight that could reset current economies of health, energy, and materials. It is a science that is both established and disruptive. The department's members lead research projects that find external support and invariably include students.

Our students have widely differing secondary school educations; we seek to address the needs and skills of each student in an environment that is at once challenging and supportive. Students majoring in Chemical Technology enjoy a very low student-to-professor ratio. Each student will find a faculty advisor to assist his or her progress. Your interest in education in the chemical sciences and its related careers will be welcomed and supported strongly by this department.