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Procurement is a core component of AEB’s operational processes and is based on effective and systematic management of sourcing, negotiation, and acquisition of goods and services. We are committed to working with all departments to identify and meet the diverse needs of our College community.

Each department should determine the source and availability of funds prior to any initiation of and submission of a requisition.

How you can help

  • Identify and plan ahead for procurement, thereby allowing us time to process your request. The more time we have the better we can assist you.
  • Include a specific date or time frame your order is required. Do no use ASAP as this is ambiguous.
  • If your order is an emergency, please send an email to AEB with the Requisition number and give the reason for the emergency. Emergency requisitions will only be processed if justification for the immediate need is provided.
  • Attach all pertinent documents such as quotes, receipts, registration forms and/or agreements.
  • Attach an Excel or Word document when ordering numerous items from a single vendor: include item number, name and description of item, quantity requested and unit price.

Step 1: Purchase Requisition Submission
A requisition is created and submitted in CUNY’s web-based e-Procurement System (EPS), along with any relevant supporting documents. The requisition is routed via the electronic approval process to the designated department and division approvers, and then AEB for budget approval. If necessary, the requisition may require additional commodity approvers with specialized expertise such as the Office of Computing Information Services.

Step 2: Purchase Order (PO)
After the approval process is complete, it is routed to the Purchasing Office and assigned to a Purchasing Agent. A PO is generated by the Purchasing Office and approved by the Director of Purchasing. The PO is emailed to the vendor with copies sent to AEB and the originating requester/department.

All payment requests must be initiated by a Requisition with supporting documents. Please allow 2-3 weeks for AEB to process your payment.

Payment Process with a PO

Step 1: Authorizing Payment upon Receipt of Goods and/or Services
When the goods/services listed on the PO are delivered/rendered, the vendor sends AEB an invoice to request payment. AEB emails the invoice and a payment authorization form to the originating requester/department for confirmation and approval to pay. The requester/department completes the authorization form, signs the invoice “Ok to Pay”, and emails them to AEB, along with any packing slips and/or receiving reports.

Step 2: Payment to Vendor
Upon review and approval of the documents, AEB issues payment to the vendor.

Payment Process without a PO

Step 1: Assignment of Requisition
In cases where a PO will not be processed, the Requisition, and invoice if applicable, is assigned to AEB staff to process the payment. A payment without a PO can include:

  • Reimbursement Payments
    To request a reimbursement for an out-of-pocket expense, a paid receipt must be attached to the Requisition.
  • Vendor Payments
    To pay a vendor without a PO, an invoice or paid receipt must be attached to the Requisition. Such payments include subscriptions and memberships.
  • Independent Contractor/Performer Payments
    To pay an Independent Contractor or Performer for services rendered, the required agreement contract must be hand-delivered to AEB along with a W-9 form if applicable in advance.

To assist with year-end planning and to ensure sufficient time to complete purchases, deliveries, invoice submissions, and payments:

  • Final Purchases must arrive at Approval 3 in EPS by the third Friday in the month of April to allow ample processing time to order goods/services for delivery by June 30th—the last business day of the fiscal year.
  • Final Payments must arrive at Approval 3 in EPS by the third Thursday in the month of July for goods/services received by June 30th.

Property Management

The Property Management Office is responsible for maintaining an accurate and complete record of the College’s physical assets including AEB’s equipment. AEB is responsible for reconciling transactions recorded on the Non-Tax Levy General Ledger with the CUNYfirst Asset Management.