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Phone: 718-473-8930

Employee Appointment Procedures

AEB provides administrative support to the entities in processing new hires, rehires, replacements, and separations.

New Hire

Based on the entity (AEB, Alumni, College Association, Foundation, Funds Held for Others, Our Children’s Center), an appointment form must be completed by the supervisor for every new employee. Forms must indicate the funding source and contain the approval signatures. Please hand-deliver the completed forms to AEB at 25 Chapel St., 11th floor, 1-2 weeks before the employee’s first day of work to allow adequate time for processing and document in-take.

After submitting the appointment form, please email AEB at to schedule a document in-take appointment for the new employee.

Please advise the employee to take all signed applicable tax forms to AEB. Each form has instructions on how to complete it. The employee must also bring a valid photo ID and his or her original (no copies) social security card.


When a replacement is being hired for an existing position already funded, please refer to the new hire procedures. Also make sure to indicate that it is for a replacement position where provided on the form and include the former employee’s name, appointment date, and the employment end date.


To rehire a former employee, a new appointment form must be submitted. If there is a change in the employee’s status, the employee must complete new tax forms.

Rate Increase

All requests for a rate increase must be approved by the authorized executive and a new form signed and sent to AEB.


If an employee is terminated, resigns, or is not reappointed, please clearly communicate, via email, the reason, the effective date, whether the separation is permanent or seasonal/temporary, and whether the employee might be rehired in the future. This information is required for unemployment insurance eligibility. Please state sick and vacation pay, if any owed to the employee, and provide documentation to verify the number of days accrued.

If you have any questions or comments, or to schedule an appointment, please contact the AEB Office at 8930 or email AEB at

Time Sheet

All employees are required to submit a biweekly Time Sheet on time showing hours worked and any sick, vacation, or holiday time taken. Accurate completion of your time sheet ensures that you will be paid without any delays. Time Sheets must be submitted to AEB by the Friday before the next week’s payday. Please refer to the AEB Payroll Calendar. To resolve any issues regarding your Time Sheet, please contact AEB immediately.

Direct Deposit

AEB offers direct deposit as the preferred payment method for payroll delivery to employees. You can sign up for direct deposit by completing the Direct Deposit Authorization Form provided at the time of hire. Once the authorization is received, it will take at least one pay cycle to become active. If there are any changes to your bank account that affects your deposit, it is your responsibility to update the Direct Deposit form and deliver it to AEB.

Check Advice

Payroll check advices are distributed to employees by their respective departments.

Paycheck Pick-up

Paychecks are available to be picked up at the Bursar’s Office the Wednesday before payday after 3 p.m. If a paycheck is not picked-up within 2 months, it is returned to AEB, which will attempt to contact the employee to pick-up his or her paycheck. If the paycheck is not picked-up within six months of the check date, it will be considered stale-dated and voided.

Replacement Paycheck

To request a replacement paycheck that is lost, stolen, or stale-dated, please email AEB at and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Department
  • Pay Date
  • Reason for Request

A replacement pay check can take up to 2-3 business days to process. You will be notified to pick your pay check at the AEB Office.