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New York State Public Integrity Reform Act ("PIRA") requires JCOPE to provide three types of ethics training for individuals required to file a Financial Disclosure Statement ("FDS"):

  1. Comprehensive Ethics Training Course
  2. Online Ethics Orientation
  3. Ethics Seminars

The Comprehensive Ethics Training Course must be a two-hour instructor-led program including an explanation of state ethics laws, regulations, advisory opinions or internal policies relevant to the conduct of such individuals in public service. The course must include practical examples and a question-and-answer participatory segment. JCOPE designates and trains instructors outside of its agency to conduct such training. Such training shall be completed by individuals currently required to file a FDS by August 15, 2013 or within two years of an individual becoming subject to the requirement of filing a FDS. At City Tech, the Ethics Officer has received the training by JCOPE and delivers the training to its staff who are subject to the FDS.

The Online Ethics Orientation must be an overview of the material covered by the Comprehensive Ethics Training Course and must be completed by each individual newly required to file a FDS, within three months of becoming subject to such filing requirement. Any such individual who has completed the Comprehensive Ethics Training Course need not complete the Online Ethics Orientation.

Ethics Seminars must be 90-minute programs that include changes in laws, regulations, and policies, with practical applications of the material covered. Every individual required to file a FDS must attend an Ethics Seminar at least once every three years after having completed the Comprehensive Ethics Training Course.